Prime Minister Imran khan is just a clerk in the PAK military office.

Pakistan is a military occupied illegitimate nation, 200 million people have been forced to stay in the state of hostage, the federal the system, judiciary, executive and legislation are being managed by generals, and also foreign policy, economy, trade policy and development project are framed and strategized by them.
The parliament and journalist are the great spectators of drama played by its military, and the people are the real victim of years of suppression and dishonor. Parliament is a place of elites for a get-together and fake discussion podium, they are meant to pass resolution over Kashmir, Palestine, Rohingya, which has no meaning at all for neither Pakistani nor for the world. Pakistan’s federalism is forced one over Sindhis, Baloch, Pashtun, occupied Kashmiri and Punjabis.
Prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is greatly misled person, pretends to be the prime minister, but in actual he has no power more than a clerk in a general’s office, 2018 PAK general election was purely managed by its military to strengthen its command which was loosening during the previous government.
The military needs to save its face of their wrong-doing from the world and the innocent people of Pakistan, in this the puppet civil government plays an important role. Imran Khan is running the cabinet of fools, they are the real embracement on social media, they are holding a position, which has no power, Imran Khan is just a spokesperson of Pakistan military, defense and foreign ministers are almost unemployed, culture, science, trade, and other ministers are wasting all of the time on social media due to no budget allocations, they are the hero of military wings which are made to create propaganda against India and neighbor, and the finance ministry is quite busy these days to beg the money on behalf of the corrupt military.
The economy of Pakistan is doomed, no forex, export declining towards the null, debt is souring more than the GDP, commodities prices are each day touching the new high, and dollar crossed beyond 160 of Pak rupee. The investment in the country has not been coming since the start of this century, the only country which invests there is China which is already a champion of unfair trade and looking for territorial hegemony. Pakistan is looking for 22nd bailout package from IMF in the last 70 years of history, it is already in the surveillance of FATF for money laundering and terror financing, it could be promoted to the blacklist, and the consequences would be any kind of sanctions imposition, which will bring in more twist to already an ill economy.
Imran Khan should realize the real challenges of Pakistan, he must work for the revival of the democracy with other leaders instead of doing military-sponsored crackdown on them, the problem of Pakistan will not end with IMF bailout package and it won't be the last bailout if the people and the Imran Khan doesn’t corner and ask the military to stay in their limit of DEFENSE ONLY. Pakistan should understand the military can’t run the infra project, foreign office, finance ministry, they are neither trained to do it.

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