The world is under the occupation, very few countries are independent.

The world is facing the serious challenge of occupation and imperialistic mindset, there are only a few countries that are independent and they are the one who has the dominant mentality, and they cherish freedom at home but impose suppression, restriction, slavery, etc, over others. Territorial, economic, cultural and social integrity and sovereignty are being violated by the superior nations.
The international politics had been changed it's dynamic, the neo-realism is eminent which speaks about national security and interest come first, the neo-imperialistic approach with the support of global capitalism, few nations have established the unprecedented dominance in the world. All the institutions have become the spectator for all kinds of wrong-doing, United nations was created to regulate and check them but it is being dominated by few nations who are serious abusers and offenders.
P-5 (USA, Russia, UK, France, and China), in particular, the United States, Russia and China are rapidly moving on the path of dominance and expansionism, China is using trade and economy as tool but the United States has taken even more aggressive approach, trade and economy supported by huge and modern military. Russian aggression is very limited around its borders.
It seems the United States doesn’t believe in its border, it has establish robust military bases present around the world, the imperialism works in the synchronization with capitalism, the United States and China are the home of hundreds of billionaires, still China is far behind in comparison to United States.
The United States is the de-facto and the only superpower in the world, which holds the capacity to impose its decision, rules and restriction on any country, and they can attack any country within minutes around the globe. The world economy is under the occupation of the US, they can suffocate the economy of any country within few months with sanctions and trade war, which is currently in the display, Russia, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, etc are the victim of US sanction which is facing serious economic turmoil, the recent victim is China, which is facing serious economic challenges from a trade war with the United States. The United States never hesitate to take the unilateral military action whoever violates the USA dominance and hegemony.
The corporate globalization led by capitalism is being used by the P-5 nation to loot the resources and to establish an economic dependency, which are being used during bilateral agreement and trade negotiation as a tool. The capitalists earn billions of billion-dollar from under developing and developing countries in the name of Job creation and resource utilization instead they are doing exploitation of their natural and human resources.
The unfair trade, debt trap, military aggression, sanctions , and fabricated disputes are the major tool for them to fear the weak nations, Chinese debt trap has serious implications which are being experienced by Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Maldives, Cambodia, Laos, etc. The fear of military and sanctions has been used by the United States, and the Middle East is the major victim of the policy. Russian uses military aggression for hegemony.

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