Anti-Muslims hate must be stopped around in the world.

Muslims are the most affected community in the world, they constitute more than 25 percent of the population, their contribution to the history, economy, culture, and peace cannot be denied, they are the real victims of west suppression. The war flashpoint was Western Europe before 1950, but the Middle East and western Africa has now become the new flashpoint, 100s of thousand are killed in just last one decade in the region, they were mostly Muslims.
Muslims have no leadership in the current world, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Iran has been pretending as a leader but they have no the consensus among them, they are informally at war against one another, the leadership of these have no credibility as the leader, they are known as prince, the supreme leader, and suppressor, they are just unfit as a leader, the current world is being run by the democratically elected representative not the ruler. The irony is that the rulers in the middle east are in the protection of some superpower, they have no self-determination, lacks own independent voices, resources are not under their control, they have their forces to stay in their territory. These stories itself talk about lots of things.
The Middle East, the Persian Gulf, and western Africa are one of the most resource region in the world, they are sitting on the oil and gas reserve, they have huge reserve of precious minerals, the population has favorable demography, and still they are suffering. Undemocratic leadership, sectarianism and lack of modern education are the reason for failure.
The Muslims and their resources are the growth engine of the world economy, India and China the fastest growing economy could be doomed, Europe’s industry could be locked, oil price could become unbearable for Americans, if the Middle East brings down the oil output for the next 10 days. Why can’t we give them the due respect that they deserve from us? Instead the west calls them terrorist, hate their culture, stop them to practice their religion.
They are not against democracy as everybody thinks in the west, they are moving out of their nation to search for freedom and liberty, Indian Muslims are cheering the democratic values in India, they fought for democracy during the struggle for freedom from the British.
The accusation of terrorism has been imposed on the particular religion, although the rebel, which is fighting against the country or the government, are either being supported directly or indirectly by the west, they are non-Muslims. Terrorist have no infrastructure to create the deadly weapons, the western nations are the major manufacturer of that, they earn lots out of terrorism, and so the west is responsible for all kind of terrorism not the Muslims.
Muslims are one of the most generous and as peaceful as other communities in the world, you cannot hate them by correlating it with the crisis, they are fighting for democracy, social justice, sovereignty, religion and culture, and there is nothing wrong with it. The organization which are fighting against the oppressive government, foreign aggression, and to safeguard its ethnicity and culture, should be appreciated, they are sacrificing for the noble cause, we should get along with them.
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