Communist party led China is threat to the free world, Donald trump is right.

Chinese communist party is radical and extremist, 1.4 billions of people are hostage under the regime led by them, the freedom and democracy does not exist in their manifestation, they have no respect for modern world order and society, they have their own manifesto of expansion and suffocation.
The world has been doing the greatest mistake and threatening the existence of the free world, billions of billions money the communist party led China earns from free world, which is aggressively using it for military buildup, the whole region is threatened by their aggression, they don’t believe in the international laws, freedom of navigation, doesn’t respect the neighbor sovereignty, they don’t believe in their border, and they believe in china beyond border.
China has become the manufacturing hub for the world, it manufactures small toys to big ships and airplanes, every country has the trade relation with it, their product is known for cheapest and durability, over the period of time they have excellently incorporated quality product standard, the customer across the world are more attractive to their products. Every major the nation has its trade deficit with China which is helping China to earn trillions of dollar in each fiscal year, China is the fastest-growing nation in the world, the economy has been grown more than 10 folds in the last 25 years, China does a trade of more than the US $ 500 billion with the United States alone. The infusion of the huge money through trade has only strengthened the communist part, they have shown no interest in reform in the political system, instead they are preparing for more atrocity and crackdown over Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet and Uygur Muslims.
China is currently US $10 trillion economy, it would be 20 trillion in the next 10 years, it would hugely difficult for the world to handle a communist party with the US $ 20 trillion in hand, they will put even tariff for entering into Pacific, they don’t respect freedom of navigation, the whole south China will be Chinese territory, Taiwan and Hong Kong will be militarily invaded, they will create havoc on the Indian border for border conflict, Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean will be malign by their activity.
Who is responsible for the serious upcoming insecurity, everyone in the free world, who indulge in the trade with a communist party led China. Free world is making the Chinese communist party stronger and stronger each day. It is necessary now to convey the message to the Chinese regime, you either bring in democratic structure or face the economic downturn, must bring in sanction for the crackdown, human rights violation and aggression against the neighbor.
Donald Trump is doing a great thing, he is the only leader who understand the threat emanating from China to the world, he has been doing serious crackdown and assault on communist China, trade war, arming Taiwan, vocal about human rights violations and Hong Kong, he is doing assault on their high tech industry too, the world should come forward and join the United States to bring China on the negotiation table to bring in reform for democracy and fair trade. Otherwise, the world will never get time for reconciliation.

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