The success of capitalism was accepted by the communist nation too.

The industrial revolution in the 18th and 19thcentury had changed the face of the world, it had helped in the rise of capitalism, redefined the concept of economy, trade and commerce, it was the start of the modern economy, and the center was Western Europe and North America. It changed the way of trade and commerce, the relation and partnership among the nations were being framed on the basis of it. Household, small factories, and rudimentary industries were started taking the shape of a big manufacturing plant, a large amount of import and export of goods and services was started among the nations. The right to property and the right to trade beyond the border were provided to the citizens under ongoing economic rearrangement in those countries.
The exploitation and suppression of the working class by the capitalist help the rise communism at the end of the 19th century, communism had been spreading very fast, it took over the most part of Europe, China, Russia, South America, and Eastern Asian Countries, as a result, the major crackdown and demolition of the Capitalist institutions started. The government of those nations had started economic reform, took over the assets of the capitalist and redistributed evenly among the people. The new economic system led to the political rearrangement, the proletariats, working group, had emerged as the power center, which threatened the elite group, as a result, the political discourse had started in most of those countries.
Communism had undermined economic freedom and the sovereignty of the people, the economic decline had started in those nations, and competition among the people neutralized, the state-run economic the institution went through profound corruptions. On the other hand, the capitalism was flourishing with an unprecedented pace in Western Europe and North America.
The impact of capitalism is such that it forced communist economies to bring in the reforms and open the economy for the world capitalist, China is the best example, the opening of the Chinese economy results in the proliferation of capitalism, it is home of hundreds of capitalist, and the GDP proliferated with 10 folds in the last 3 decades, and it is still enjoying the fastest growing economy in the world.
The allegations of undermining the religious and cultural values of our society are also in the list, the protest and uprising erupt all around the world time to time led by socialist leaders against capitalism. In every federal or local election, capitalism is a topic of discussion for wrong reasons, every electoral party is using it to take the political mileage, they never forget to mention crackdown over them in the manifestation once elected. In some of the countries, they are even miscalculating it as the economic invasion, and the threats emanating from it has taken the shape of terrorism and separatism. Although every country has the right to frame and bring their own law to stop any wrongdoing by an institution to favor economic goals, but the political parties use it as the tool to earn the sympathy of the electors.
Every government has available tools to check the wrongdoing of the private institution, so instead of blaming capitalism, they have to blame their own failure. Capitalism is a system and it has a few disadvantages, but its advantages can’t be denied.
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