Indian opposition forced the nation closer to prolonged One-party rule.

India is the greatest example of the multilateral, pluralistic and inclusive democracy, the country has the profound record of coexistence and sustainability, and all of the religions, castes, race, community exist peacefully from thousands of years, more importantly they keep on coexisting even after the independence, although the Indians were hugely divided during initial days of independence. The biggest strength of this country is its democracy, which cherish multi-party system, which has been helping in taking care of every single section of the society, and their representative raises their concerns in the parliament and brings it in the notice of the administration and the country.
But the nation is facing a risk of an unprecedented deficit of democracy, the opposition is almost irresponsible and directionless, most of them are fighting to save their family dynasty, regional parties are corrupt and their way of politics still in 80’s, they failed miserably in evolving themselves, their strategy was nowhere in the synchronization with the current issues which country  is facing, they were asking people to vote them for the sake of just to unseat the seating prime minister. The opposition has lost it’s connect as well as the credibility among the people of the nation, they denounce them in one voice across the country,
Opposition is one of the important constituent in the democracy, they force the government to rethink before making the decision, which could be relating to the welfare or the important legislations, but they are now just cornered by the landslide victory of the government in the 2019 general election. We have now the weakest opposition in last three decades, they are not eligible for even leader of opposition in the parliament, they have no enough representation in neither Lok Sabha (council of people) nor Rajya Sabha (council of States), they are about to lose the majority in upper house in the coming year, so the issue which is devastating is their presence in the parliament, which would be just ceremonial, that’s the end of multi-party system in parliament and inclusive democracy. The country is already on the verge of serious trap of majoritarian democracy, which could prove to be threat to the multilateralism and pluralism. Moreover, the whole credit for the upcoming risk and threat goes to the opposition of this country, which failed in every aspects, and this is frustrating.
I do not disrespect or criticize the mandate given by the people to the government led by PM Modi, it is also true that the mandate they got, actually, they deserved, and some of the welfare schemes were extraordinary. They were amazing in terms of law & order and national security, but still there were lots of gap and shortcoming, with that the opposition could have perform better, at least they could have in the better position in the parliament.
The opposition must come out of family dynasty, politics of appeasement, and school of poor and old thought, they got to be aligned with fast evolving society, internet, and analytics, their further failure will only help India to go closer to One Party Rule, which is not healthy for the progressive democracy and economy. They must bounce back for the sake of the 1.3 billion of people for betterment and prosperity.

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