Hegemonic Iranian regime ambition could end up with greatest devastation.

Iran is currently facing an unprecedented pressure from Trump led United States, the cloud of war is assembling in the atmosphere of Persian gulf, which could devastate the Iranian at any moment.
The reason behind the possible apocalypse is the Iranian controversial Nuclear Program. Although the deal was made to resolve the crisis in 2015 by the world power, but Donald Trump after getting into the white house, announced the withdrawal from the deal, citing the deal as an unfair one, and blamed Iran for enrichment of Uranium above the limit and for ballistic missile program. Thereafter, United States imposed a series of sanctions which forced its already a problematic economy to cripple, it marred its petroleum industry which is the major sources for the revenue, most of the nations reduced their oil import to zero fearing US rhetoric.
The major problem, which is emanating from Iran, is its regime, which is hegemonic.  They have even achieved their goal in some cases, they have openly involved in the Syrian crisis to save the President Assad, who supposed to leave after the uprising by the local people, Iranian intervention in Lebanon is known to everyone, they are supporting the militant group Hezbollah against Israel in the region, it has been meddling in Iraq’s affair, it has been involving in Yemen crisis against Arab States. It maintains good relation with Taliban in Afghanistan too.
The regime has reached to the Mediterranean in the west and Gulf of Aden in the south of Arabian Peninsula, and they have maintained strong presence in the Persian Gulf. They are intervening in every affairs in the Middle East verbally, economically, politically or militarily.
The hegemony, which Iran seeks, severely damages United States interest in Middle East, Iranian threat to Israel cannot be ignored, the protection of Assad in Syria by becoming a police state which was not gone well to the US and its western allies, the support of Houthi militant in Yemen and Hazebolah in Labenon have become nightmare for Arab Allies, intervention in Iraq is directly threatening US interest, and their action in entire middle east have cornered United States and its closest allies in the region. The United States has been demanding to stop its aggression in the region since long but it has gone unheard in Tehran, which is forcing them towards unprecedented conflict.
United States has alleged Iran for oil tanker attack in two consecutive incident in the Persian Gulf in June 2019, which Iran denied, they were nearly at war after Iran shoot down an unmanned drone with surface-air missile on 20th June 2019. The counter provocation by the rival is so intense that the world is sensing the war, which has led to the petroleum product price hike across the world, the hike could go beyond US $250 per barrel, more than 100 percent. The free navigation in the Strait of Hormuz, a 20 KM wide bottleneck, through which 1/3 of the global petroleum product and natural gases are being exported, is under threat. The crisis must be avert at any cost otherwise the global economy will further deteriorate which is already in crisis.

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