Globalization is being misused by Chinese regime, they are real embarrassment.

China is a serious offender of globalization, free trade, freedom and liberty, the autocratic political system has installed a robust surveillance mechanism to censor the 1.4 billion people's activities, which profoundly violates the privacy of citizens and arrests the aspiration of the people for democracy.

The globalization has the essence of  freedom, free market, free trade, liberty and democracy, it does include the respect for the international community and laws, but instead China offends all of them, misuses international forum for their own interest, doesn't bind itself with international laws, and there is no sign from the Chinese establishment for the instantiation of the democracy to promote freedom.
Globalization has hugely contributed to the economic growth of China, it has helped the Chinese to expand its economic aspiration beyond the border, it earned lots from it by means of unfair trade and took unjustifiable leverages behind the scene, in the last few decades China did invest billions of the dollar in the form of loans with huge interest rate and devastating terms and condition, which has threatened those nations, with political instability and economic uncertainty. Free trade and acceptance of China in the Free market has made it as the manufacturing hub, trillions of dollar trade it does per years, which helps it brings millions of people out of poverty in the last three decade, the economy is growing with excellent pace over 6 percent GDP, the government has a huge amount of cash and have build unbelievable infrastructure throughout the country, but the economic growth and prosperity is unable to change the system of administration which stands still the same, the totalitarian.
Free world was too kind for Chinese regime, their assessment was wrong, they gave access to their market unconditionally, they incorporated it in every single international forum and community, had given huge power of veto in the UN security council, although the system of the administration was radical. They were hoping that the political system will gradually reformed but it doesn't happen rather than the politburo keeps on strengthening its grip over the resources of China, the system is now autocratic which is asynchronous and radical for the free world. Handful number of people in Chinese politburo is running China with no peoples representation, they are dictating in the country and doing the same in the global arena.
Chinese presence in the global forum is insult to the global institution which is meant for freedom and liberty, they have autocratic mind set and have been mocking the democratic values. The growing economic and military might are serious threat to the free world, this is helping Chinese regime to strengthen its hand over the people and reroute the money for global hegemony aspiration, which is initially seems like reviving colonialism and imperialism, the success of Chinese regime could push more countries to follow the same suit.

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