Turkey is walking on the path of Apocalypse, doesn't respect partners.

Turkey has been sharing strong bilateral relationship with the United States since post world war-II, both countries had some common agenda like democracy, stability in the middle east and to counter heavyweight The Soviet Union, it was further strengthened during cold war which had threatened the security of both nations.
Going forward, post-cold war Turkey emerged as one of the regional power in West Asia and the middle east, it was enjoying one of the fastest the growing economy in the region, democracy, freedom, and liberty were incorporated in the governance and administration of the society, the first time in the major Islamic nation, it has implemented the western model for trade and policy, got appreciated around the western world, which helped it to become part of NATO and the EU were considering it to make the member of the Union.
But the growing economy and military might be helped its leadership especially President Erdogan to think differently, he has been doing serious mistakes what he thinks reform, he has mended the democracy to serve his own interest, liberty, freedom, and justice have been threatened, he has been doing serious crackdown over media house, civil society, and opposition. Erdogan has been in the Turkish topmost job for almost two decades, first as prime minister and now as president, he has been taking the country on the path of extremism and authoritarianism which could prove to be detrimental for the Turkish people in the long run. Turkish president has an aspiration to establish an Ottoman type of influence across the Mediterranean and Arabian peninsula, he thinks he can provide leadership to the Islamic world which is actually a nightmare for him and else.
In the process, Turkey is directly confronting with The United States and its western allies, it has a serious disagreement with them over scores of the issue, Syrian crisis, EU membership, procurement of anti-missile defense system, and over democratic deterioration. Although, it is the part of the largest military alliance NATO, but it has been working against the interest of other members particularly in Syria, in actual Turkey is serving more Russian interest than the US interest, it has been closely co-operating with Russia and Iran over Syria.
Turkey has been echoing Iranian for a complete military withdrawal from the middle east, the leadership is tirelessly working on to minimize the impact of sanction by the United States over Iran for its nuclear program. Being a NATO member, Turkey has inked the multi-billion deal with Russia for Anti-missile defense system which actually signifies the amount of mistrust among them. Democratic deterioration is another point of confrontation for them, the west has been accusing the president Erdogan of it in the country, they have been requesting the Turkish authorities to restrain and refrain from the crackdown over media and civil society, instead, they are accusing the west of all this in their country, it can also be heard from them warning west not to interfere in the internal affairs.
Turkey doesn't deserve to be the part of an alliance of the west on this stage, it is no more free nation, doesn't respect partners, promotes extremism, have the intention of hegemony rather than serving, and all these could end up with total disaster for the nation.

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