UNSC 5 permanent members are dictating the whole UN undemocratically.

UN was created after World War II to suppress the evil of Axis coalition by the ally, the responsibility was increased after the end of war, international security, economic development, social progress, protection of human rights and felicitation of international laws had become part of it, but its administration framework has still unchanged and UNSC permanent member deny any structural change.
Five permanent members have been dictating the United Nations Security Council and ignore the UN general assembly resolution on the key issues, and they can even deny the majority of the Security Council by using the veto. There are 10 non-permanent members in the council but they have almost no power, their decision making can be vetoed by anyone permanent member. They claim that they are responsible for the peace and security of the world, in actual, they are the major abuser of the UN policies, China refuse to accept the International court of justice arbitration over the South China Sea, US and Russia has taken many time unilateral action against the member nation ignoring the United Nations resolution.
The world is threatened due to the presence of weapons of mass destruction and humanity are forced to live under the risk of nuclear war. One of the major goals behind the formation of the UN was the disarmament of the world from chemical and deadly biological weapons, and instead the countries had entered into a never-ending nuclear arms race. All the permanent members are nuclear state and have more than 20 thousands warheads, during the cold war, a devastating nuclear arms race took place between two rival United States and Russia, and this resulted in the missiles crisis.
They are using UNSC to promote their vested political agenda. The USA has vetoed as many as 30 times in the last 3 decades in Israel-Palestine conflict and has been ignoring UN general assembly resolution since 1980. UN Security Council failed to take action in Syria after a chemical attack because the Russian Federation and China vetoed it. China keeps on vetoing to designate the Pakistan based terrorist, a threat to regional security, in UNSC to protect its trade and political interest in Pakistan. United Nations had failed to stop the major war in the last 70 years, Iraq-Iran Gulf War, Vietnam War, US-led invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, and it had failed miserably to tackle the situation arisen due to terrorism.
The UN Secretariat has limited representations from the under developing and developing countries, most of the mission are centric to these nations so they argue that how would be the goal achieved if they don’t have representative in the administration. UN General Assembly is viewed as the international parliament, and it has almost no power to enforce its decision. UN International Court of Justice must be respected by the member nation and its effectiveness should be ensured.

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