The success of globalization can't be denied, disruption in it will have consequences.

Globalization is all about the integration, association, and cohesion of the global society on every front like peace, security, culture, technology, trade, climate change, and so on. The goal is to transform the world which is divided based on social, political and economic hindrance into a global village, the differences and disagreements would be resolved by the constructive dialogue. The success of globalization is unprecedented, we must celebrate it, but there are huge challenges it has ahead like, populism, conservatism, nationalism, regionalism, etc.
Globalization is transforming the world with unprecedented pace, the United States and Europe have been putting immense effort for it, free trade, technology transfer, aide, investment and low-interest rate loans provided by them have been helping the developing and under-developed nations in Africa, South America, and Asia.
The conspiracy has been going on to derail the globalization, Donald Trump in the United States, mishandling of refugee crisis and bad Loans of China has been threatening for it. Donald Trump’s America First policy can be seen as rising of populism in the United States, he has become the idol for the populist worldwide who unfortunately denies the success of globalization. He has been pushing a disruptive effort to denounce free trade agreement, he has abruptly withdrawn from the UN Human right council, and he has been cutting the aide to the United Nations. Refugee Crisis in Europe have been posing a serious threat to the EU integrity, the serious disagreement among the members to handle the refugee influx has been putting forth nationalism at the center. China is using bad loans to trap the small nations in Asia and Africa for its dominance, and Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, Malaysia, etc are the victim of Chinese bad loans.
The disruption in globalization would have serious consequences, international security will be threatened, nationalism will revisit again to remind the world war 2 scenario, the new frightening arms race will start, global trade and technology transfer will face another round of uncertainty. But none of them will succeed whoever is trying to deny it, the revolution in IT, communication and social media have brought the people as close as it was ever before irrespective of the governments, religion, and region. There is no place for the populist, conservative and fanatic leaders or people in the free world, people come out strongly against them to protest and even to unseat such government. 
Revolution in IT, communication and social media have been accelerating the globalization, it can’t be reversed by merely a few leaders wrongdoing, people are very much interconnected irrespective of the government, religious beliefs, culture, etc, they want globalization to succeed for humanity, if require they might force the government to mend their decisions which are against it. Globalist, the global organizations and global civil society should align to protect it from fanatics and conservatives.

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