Democratic deficit in Islamic world is the biggest reason for their suffering.

The biggest problem for a country having a diverse society and ethnic is, how they can bind them together to achieve a common goal of peace and prosperity? It can be achieved by implementing federal government structure under liberal democracy, which can help to create a cohesive, well connected and inclusive society.
But in reality only a few countries out of 49 Muslim majority nations are true democracy, the military intervention in civilian government in Pakistan makes it unstable false democracy, the blending of religion with democracy has created Iranian failed democracy, in Turkey the democracy is again being suffocated by the current leadership, and these nations supposed to have the potential of providing leadership as they have great demography and strong military. The dictatorship and the ambitious leadership of Islamic nations had demolished the public aspiration to achieve the freedom and democracy, the Arabian Peninsula ruled by Kingdom is periodically suppressing peoples’ uprising, and the apocalyptic bloodshed took place in Northern Africa due to the public uprising for democracy.
As most of the government of the Muslim world is either authoritarian or kingdom, they are not the peoples’ representative, they make diplomacy in the interest to protect their kingdom or authoritarian government not in the interest of the people or country, they promote sectarian which misinterpret the religion, as a result, it fuels unrest and protest among the communities, it helps them to strengthen their grip on the country. The rivalry between two community Sunni led by Saudi Arabia and Shia led by Iran is decades long, the reason behind this is the interpretation of religion, both disagree with each other, it causes the periodic clashes throughout the world.
The society is left far behind in the area of science and technology, they are dependent on western countries for every need from agro-product to defense equipment, and they contribute almost nothing to it. They possess neither qualified universities nor the skilled human resources, as a result, they have lagged far behind in the information technology, space research, and defense technology, and it makes them vulnerable because they lack the mechanism to avoid the external threat. 
The western interventions bring in more complications, crisis, and conflict in the region, they promote democracy and globalization which Muslim world believes an intervention or invasion in their society, and they think that west undermines their religious and cultural values. Their concerns are true, the intentions of the west are not transparent, they are the reason for many arm conflict in the region, US-led intervention in Iraq was the huge failure which costs millions of people lives, the head of the government was brutally killed using false allegation, down the line we have many examples, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Somalia, etc, they arm the rebel against the government and earns billions of dollar, on the other hand they make billions of dollar defense deal by raising the threat risk for government. The call for change should come out within them and it should be peaceful, but not a single power transfer took place in the Muslim world without a war, and it’s unfortunate which force western allies to come in.

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