Russia and China unfit for global leadership, amid US withdrawal.

It looks like abrupt diplomacy and destructive dialogue are the strength of the current white house representatives, Donald Trump has been doing public humiliation instead of closed-door diplomacy, and the way is not going to work for sure. The deal he ought to renegotiate can be renegotiated in all capacity among the allies and non-allies but the discontent he is spreading in the process could not be negotiated later on, and would severely damage American repo.
Dislikes and disagreement for the United States are growing exponential in the current administration among the allies, European Union is hitting back appropriately, countries are doing deals without America, one such example is multilateral trade deal in Pacific. The discontent in the American society results into the rise of Donald Trump, however, we must not question the US democracy, the reason behind discontent is the improper wages and employment distribution, not the trade deal, which can be visualized by looking into the report of growing gap between elites and proletariats. 
The leadership vacuum in global forum can be experienced, EU is now more vulnerable, Brexit was a great setback, the Middle East has been facing indefinite uncertainty, instability is again revisiting Africa, Chinese aggression is growing in the South China Sea and India Ocean, and serious disagreement in the United Nations among the members, are degenerating its importance. It has given an edge to the Russian and Chinese to some extent, Russia is growing its meddling in the internal affairs of European countries, assertive China is invading Asian and African nations with unfair trade deal and improper financial assistance and investment. China is growing its influence aggressively in the region assisted by the aggressive investment, the negotiation is being done by the head of the communist party of China, and purely controlled by them, and as a result, the democracy in the region is at great risk. The untapped money flow in the concerned countries creates mismanagement, lack of transparency, corruption and disruption, Pakistan is one such example where it is investing the US $ 60 billion dollars in the infrastructure projects. The debt trap is other concerns for the region, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia are such victims. China could undermine democracies in the region in case of US withdrawal, and it will leave India alone as the rival to it which India can’t afford right now.
Trump administration has been started a trade war to taught lessons to the nations which have been involved in the unfair trade with the United States, he has threatened, European Union, China, North America and India in particular, the recent imposition of import tariff for Steel and Aluminum are such examples, the nations whose export will be impacted by the decision has vowed to retaliate. If it goes on then it will promote protectionism worldwide, the national interest will come first at anyway, which would result into an end of the globalization for which the world has been investing a huge lot of time and resources. 
White house withdrawal from the global leadership will have unbearable consequences, the Chinese and Russian who claim to be a possible leader, are not fit for the role, as they have lot many loopholes in their internal affairs itself, they have no democracy, neither have the respect for it. They are a serious violator of international laws, they have no resource and hardware to allocate for global security and peace. The United States should have bit conscious while withdrawal as this will hurt equally the American interest, it should resolve all the disagreements including unfair trade with the allies.

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