Military inferiority makes EU incapable to safeguard its global interest.

European Union had emerged as the strongest economic alliance soon after World War II, It has been kept on strengthening its economy over the period of time, and as a result, it is now one of the economic superpowers on the planet. EU was the outcome of aftershock world war bloodshed in Europe, thereafter they were learned to live in a peaceful environment, the most of the nations went on the path of disarmament, and they had downgraded its military, deprioritized the defense R&d program. But in the current scenario, the thing is not going great for them, they are profoundly depending on the United States for security, the over-dependence on the United States have been frustrating for European lawmakers, and this has become a serious issue for them while negotiating with Trump led the United States. A stronger economy must have a stronger military to safeguard its economic and strategic interest around the globe,.
The lawmakers of European Union have done a huge mistake by not creating a dedicated military alliance of the member nations, although it is part of the largest military alliance in the world, NATO, the major contributor has been the United States, and it has attached a token of hegemony over the alliance.
The unparalleled economic and defense growth has been creating major challenges for EU to defend its instance on the global arena, Europe wants to stay with the historic nuclear deal with Iran to safeguard its economic interest and they believe stability can only be prevailed by staying with the deal, but the unilateral United States has withdrawn from the deal without listening to the concerns of European allies, nonetheless Donald Trump called it inappropriate and inefficient deal by defying other five signatory members. The United States is considering the biggest and the strongest sanction on Iran, John Bolton, a chief security advisor of white house even admitted that the US could consider sanction on the European countries dealing with Iran. Europe is frustrated, head of nations have started visiting Kremlin to meet President Vladimir Putin, who was being treated as the biggest villain of the decade in the world short while ago.
Serious disagreements have been arising between European partners and the United States, Climate change, Israel-Palestine conflict, Sanction on Russia, Nuclear deal with Iran and EU trade deal with Russia, all these are impacting Europe with either on strategic or on economic front, Nuclear deal with Iran and discord with Russia are directly and profoundly impacting EU economy, the United States is not happy with Germany led Nord Stream II gas pipeline through Baltic sea to Russia. 
Due to the lack of defense and military superiority, EU decision making on global agenda profoundly depends on the United States, it seems they have no independent diplomacy, they have been partnering with the United States for every evil work, they supported all kind of illegal meddling throughout the volatile Middle East, Iraq illegal invasion for that British former Prime Minister Tony Blair keeps on apologizing. EU is the second largest economy in the world and is now forced to look for other options in case US ditches which is most likely, and it seems EU might go to Russia with a renewed friend request.
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