India needs a strong leadership who can bring the things in line.

India has invested lots of time and money in building democracy in the last 70 years, still, we have failed judiciary, legislative, executive, monetary, and fiscal system, nothing is in the order in the country, 1.3 billion people are left to live on their own fate. People are forced to live under the apocalypse poverty and devastating infrastructure lagging, and unemployment has been soaring among the youth which is frustrating for a very young nation.
Corruption has been entered into the root of the society, and it is present in every hierarchy of the government and non-nongovernment institutions. Most of the media personality and intellectuals are seriously involved in hypocrisy and democratic values manipulation, they have no ideology to work upon, and they are working either on the fact of emotion or biased influence. Civil society is another failed and corrupt institution.
India needs a kind of leadership which can bring things in order, it needs a reform in every sector of democratic institution and economic system, they should be firmed to replace the failed judiciary, executive and legislative to cohesive, resilient, democratic, and corruption-free institution, Supreme Court, the crucial pillar of democracy is almost undemocratic.
Economic system is another failure of the predecessor government, it has neither a strong monetary system nor a fiscal system, although the current government is putting immense effort to bring them on track, demonetization was a strong step in the history of the Indian monetary system, unorganized and incapable fiscal system, which requires a broader reform, should be put in order, as this is important and only way to earn funds for government which are being used for government expedition and public sector. The public sector is the lifeline for the Indians, it funds Railways, airways, roadways, expressway, medical facilities, national security, research and development, government’s ambitious project to uplift poverty, and other infrastructures, and there is a huge possibility to bring in the proper reform in the fiscal system.
A government with clear mandate and stronger willpower can only help India to empower their 1.3 billion people, aggressive and irrelevant opposition and civil society have only aimed to disrupt so that they can prove the government, incapable, they are misusing democratic institutions, they are wasting parliament’s time, civil society and media are indulged into propaganda based accusation and fabricated allegations.
India needs a government which can do the widespread crackdown on fake media, civil society, corruption, irrelevant oppositions, who can bring in the firm and stronger economic policies, and the biggest challenge for the government is to tackle the opposition led mob manipulation.
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