No world order will stand without United States, new coalition would be disaster.

No new world order can exist without United States, any new coalition in its absence will miserably fail, and at the same time, China and Russia which are proclaiming to provide a global leadership have no credential. There is a huge dilemma for west whether to bank with Russia and China or not, they have a different mindset, an expansionist, corrupted political system, and they have the least respect for democracy. United States has been investing a huge amount of money and resources for international security of which even Russia and China are beneficiaries. Both the nations don’t have so much cash to invest to address the global problem, the Russian economy is already problematic, and China will take years to level United States.
In the absence of United States, China and Russia could claim for the global leadership which would be the greatest failure, both the nations are either managed democracy or authoritarian, they are institutionally failure nations, they are facing serious corruption and still living in the era of expansionism, both of them are known for creating disruption, Russian aggression in the neighbor is ruthless, Chinese bad loans have destroyed the economy of many nations. China has been blocking the bid to sanction Pakistani origin terrorist and related organization which threatens the whole of South Asia. China has been targeting the small nations in the South China Sea with its expansionist behavior, has created military bases in the contested water, and has installed sophisticated military hardware to pressurize the nations which have been claiming their stakes in the region.
Chinese leadership wouldn’t be accepted as they are champion in undermining the international bodies, it is already a country who is the capital human right abuser, have managed the democracy in the autonomous administrated territory Hong Kong, it doesn’t respect the democratic value, no freedom of expression, no freedom of religion.
Russian aggression in Ukraine and the controversial accession of Crimea have tarnished its image worldwide, it has become the major security concern in Eastern Europe, its behavior in Baltic, English Channel and the Mediterranean has been improper which threatens the European economic superpower.
The United States has been fighting single-handedly against terrorism and rogue states around the world, and ensures the global peace, free navigations and secured sea trade route. It invests billions of dollars in the process for international security and has become enemy of the every Islamic terrorist organizations, the country was stormed by the humanity’s biggest terrorist attack of 9/11. The fact of the matter is if the United States was ignored and tried to isolate then there will be serious consequences for everyone, it can play a disruptive role in the European Union’s integrity, could embrace China by violating One-China policy, United States could bring in more unrest on Russian border, it has on/off switch for the Middle East.

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