Corrupt media is disrupting democracy, social harmony and global decision making.

Democracy is the best suited political system, although it is not the perfect system, it recognizes every individual’s interests and rights, and the world has become the great place for humanity from the day it was being accepted. Most of the countries are practicing democracy as a political system in the world, you can see its footprint even in Communist and authoritarian government, and they are also on the verge of accepting the democratic principle. At the same time, democracy has been facing scores of challenges, corrupt media, purging civil society and subverting the judiciary are the major challenges in the recent years.
Media is the most influential body, it influences the decision making of the people and the government, but it has now become the most corrupt entity in the world, it is disrupting democracy, they defend itself on the name of it. Media is miscalculating its power conferred by it, they believe that they have every right to print or air anything under the provision of freedom of expression. Most of the news telecasts are managed, they run highly biased and fake news shows, most of the expert doesn’t have the neutral view, many of them are paid to run news based on propaganda, the rising far-right in Europe and America which is almost killing the globalization, a novel effort of our intellectual ancestors, an artificial threat is being created in the studio of news channels and newspaper outlet which has been aggressively bringing in the nationalism, populism, and fear in the world.
Social media is another reason of apocalypse, the unchecked fake news on Twitter, Facebook and other social media have been creating unprecedented problems for democracy, they are being heavily used during the political campaign. The win of Donald Trump in 2016 was a great surprise for the world, the social media had played an important role in his digital campaigning, the fake news was poured into to support Trump narrative, at the same time the print media and television news channel were unilaterally supporting the democrats Hillary Clinton.
Fake propaganda of western media had led to the US intervention in the Iraq, which had been resulting into profound losses of human, terrorism and instability in the region, for which the former PM of United Kingdom Tony Blair gone apologetic, media has been profoundly being used in Syrian crisis and recent diplomatic crisis among western nations and Russia. Just a few months ago, western media had been assassinating the character of North Korean president, calling him a brutal dictator, mad fat guy and crazy missile man, but during the historic peace deal he comes out as a great intellect and country representative like others.  
The ongoing trend is very much dreadful and apocalyptic, and as it is responsible for unseating the fair government, spreading discord, disrupting social harmony, so the media must be regulated by an autonomous body to save the democratic principles.

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