Bad Capitalism is violating the norms, the problems must be fixed.

The world is moving towards a dangerous end, we got a huge number of issues terrorism, refugee crisis, unfair trade, unemployment, bad capitalism and widening gap between rich and poor, which are bringing in a state of dissociation, devastation, and protestation in the global society. Europe is now more brittle, the countries are gone far apart, it seems like the United States is under the undeclared civil war, a war between proletariats and elites, the free world has been on the verge of division, oppressor and oppressed, the trend is threatening it can be compared with 19th century’s communist uprising.
During communist uprising oppressor and oppressed had a separate and united camp, oppressor constituted, Freeman, patrician, lord and guild master, on the other hand, slaves, plebian, serf and journeyman were in the strong camp of oppressed. This time the pattern in different, we don’t have the social categorization, but in place, we have the coalition of elites and bad capitalism vs wage labor.
No capitalist organizations have the democratic infrastructure, their board of directors is being selected unilaterally, democratic values are being undermined in every corner of the organizations, founders and administrators are sole owners of the capital earned by it, the wage labor which are actually working for the organization have no sovereignty even over their jobs, they are getting fired due to their nonsense mismanagement and ill administration, they are forced to work beyond the work permit a day, it happens even in the big multinationals, they are presenting in front of the world that they have very flexible terms and conditions but at root level their claims look unfertile, a capital human right violations can be seen at the lower level of hierarchy.
Capitalism has got so much power that it has been undermining the democracy of a country too, they have got the monopoly over the employment creation, infrastructure development and management, and they even fund the elections in the country which helps it to get support from the government. The coalition of elites and capitalist are being formed in every country around the world, elites run the politics and capitalist fund them, later on, elite’s government starts fulfilling the interest of capitalist.
The differences between the proletarian and elites must be fixed by the government, the growing economic gap between them could create a highly polarized society. Bad capitalism must be dealt with proactively. Capitalist can’t be allowed to undermine the interest of proletarians, their sovereignty must be protected in the organization, they must have employment security, they should be made the proper stakeholders, and their rights must not be violated.
This is a global problem now as we are no longer living in the isolated territory, we have global elite and global corporation in place, the global coalition of proletarians are also in making. The free world will be hugely disrupted by the recent trends and mishandling of the situation, there will be more protest and fight against the elected government.
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