United States withdrawal from Global leadership could lead to the total disruption.

The high risk of global insecurity and uncertainty have been looming since 2016 after the rise of Donald Trump, who has been talking about the America First, unfair trade, military withdrawal, scraping international deals, etc. United States a sole superpower has a strong disagreement with allies and competitor, the president is not in the mood for the dialogue, he is confronting with everyone. Protectionism has been replacing globalism throughout the world, it has been inducted in the US Congress, and the president himself has become the idol of a protectionist.
United States being a sole superpower has the greatest responsibility to the world and has been perhaps playing the important role in global security and prosperity. It has been a major funder of every organization, UN and its subsidiaries, IMF, World Bank, etc, which works for the mankind and political stability, and it provides billions of billion dollars as an aide to the African and Asian nations for rebuilding and infrastructure development. United States is used to be the first to respond during any kind of disaster around the world and first to respond during the humanitarian crisis. United States unanimously helps countries during economic crisis and bankruptcy, its aide and consultations to the ASEAN nations had averted the biggest economic crisis in 90’s, it funds World Bank and IMF to regulate the global monetary system. Climate change is another global problem for the planet, United States had played an important role to break the Paris deal, and it had been agreed to aide with billions of dollar to the developing and under developing countries, unfortunately, Donald Trump withdrew.
United States maintains more than 150 military bases throughout the world which ensures security of important passage, like Suez Canal, Panama canal, Malacca Strait, Hormuz strait, etc, these narrow passage are important for trade, trillions of dollar trade takes place through them, they are strategically very important point, the crisis in gulf could threaten Hormuz strait, through which about 20 percent of petroleum and gas are being exported, Iran has been threatening for years to block it if their interest was not respected. The war in the Middle East could block the Suez Canal which connects the Mediterranean with the Indian Ocean. Chinese expansion threatens Malacca strait which connects Pacific to the Indian Ocean.

But the way Trump administration is behaving, it looks they want to withdraw United States from global leadership, it has withdrawn itself from UNESCO and UNHRC two important UN bodies, the president Trump has been putting great effort to call their military back home, he wants the world should deal with their problem by their own, he is considering to reduce size or close the military bases in Europe, Middle East, Pacific and the Indian Ocean, he has withdrawn United States from Paris Climate deal and Iran nuclear deal. The withdrawal of United States from global leadership would damage the global security and international world order, new leaders wouldn’t be able to fill the gap so quickly, and they have no hardware and resource to replace the United States. Disruption could again take over the volatile Middle East, security may get absolve in Western Europe and Chinese aggression in the South China Sea could create another volatile point in the world.
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