The gap between poor and rich could create a highly polarized society.

After World War II, the new economic order dominated by the capitalist and elite had been accepted by the free world, working class was neglected since then, which is now creating profoundly serious problem throughout the world, the widening gap between poor and rich has been leading to the economic radicalization and polarization of the society.
Even the west has been failed to address the issue properly, most of the nations, USA, France, Germany, UK, Austria, Poland, etc have been facing social uprising led by the civil society which has been raising concerns of the proletarians. Poor is fighting on the street everywhere against the government to safeguard their interest violated by the bad capitalism. The fall of Communism had helped proletarian to live a powerless life, although the democracy has everything which protects every section of the society but it has been arrested by the elites and capitalist, they have a huge influence over it. The society is being polarized, it is divided into proletarians and elites, the uprising of proletarians have helped Donald Trump to win in United States, it has helped many states to change the government in Europe.
The situation is very threatening for the poor nations like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa, etc, where the uprising of proletarians has been resulting into the violent protest and devastating vandalization of public properties. The sharp division can be seen in those nations, there are sections of people who struggle for the even basic necessity like, food, home, electricity, education, and roads, on the other hand, elites live with luxury.
The increasing economic disparity in the society has been resulting into the radicalization and the polarization of the society, the increasing shooting incident in US and Europe is the result of it, third world countries have already been facing exponential crime rates. The people are frustrated, the government is elected by them, are not theirs, the natural resource on which they should have more sovereignty, have actually no right to claim. They are surrounded by the capitalist properties and power, malls, high sky creeper buildings, big marts, outlets, foodies, and so on.
The world has already scores of unresolved issues, but the radicalization due to the economic disparity in the society could result into the mother of all issues which would disrupt the global dynamics, democracy would be disputed everywhere, there is a chance of a direct clash between proletarians and elites, elites have already formed the global coalition in the form of corporate globalization, proletarians are also uniting itself on the global front. The governments must fix it before the deterioration, they got to form a mechanism to address their issues, and the meddling of a capitalist in government work must be stopped immediately.          
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