China is expanding economic and military aspiration in South America very secretly.

The Chinese leadership has been displaying excellent diplomacy to rule the world in terms of trade and military, they are secretly on the mission to overrule the United States’ influences, they are not claiming a military superiority neither supports military intervention anywhere, and they give priority over the connectivity and trade.
Chinese growing influence in South American nations and Caribbean countries have been making the superpowers worried, even its close associate in recent year Russia is not very comfortable, administration in Washington is very much worried about the development, they have taken the cognizant of the situation arising from it. American hegemony has been secretly challenged by China.
China has been helping almost every nations in the region during very tough time whether 2008 intense recession or during the economic collapse, it rescues governments and their controlled companies with tens of billions dollar loans and investment. China had been extending greatest support to the defaulter nations like Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, etc, it had offered commodities backed loans to them, and claimed a large share of the region’s oil, it claims almost 90 percent of Ecuador’s oil reserve. China had come up to rescue Argentina when the world had busy to announce it a defaulter nation due to defaulting US $ 100 billion bonds, it fixed their currency which was losing continuously against the dollar through a currency swap. China has been investing extensively into Argentina’s infrastructure projects, especially in railways.
China, the manufacturing hub, has been ruling the South American Market, the total trade which was just US $ 10 billion in 1990, is now US $ 270 billion, it’s a miracle in the international trade. Those nations are openly calling it China is as important as United States for them, but in many countries there United States is getting almost no importance. China knows that for their expanding trade and economic interest it needs strategic military bases over the strategic locations, it has secretly negotiated the military and space station in Argentina.
Chinese expansion in the Southern hemisphere could irk United States, as they have reached to the backyard of it. United States could not see geopolitical rise of China in the region, which would apparently challenge the US influence, but it is almost impossible to remove China out of the scene, US merely can’t replace China as trade partner of those nations, they neither have output capacity nor have any such plan. China has been even leveraging the rhetoric of the US administration against the undemocratic governments, every US enemy or villains in South America are Chinese friends.
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