A strong Global civil society needs to counter elites and corporate globalization.

The world has been reached to a point that we must have a strong global civil society to protect the democracy, sovereignty, and integrity of sovereign nations, we must think of the solution to check the over-exploitation of natural and human resources by the elite and corporate globalization. Every country are the victim of their wrongdoing let it be United States, Europe, India, Africa, etc, the proletariats are being exploited and the common people are losing their sovereignty over the countries’ natural resources.
Globalization is the greatest thing happening in the world, but it is now losing to the transnational corporations and elites, the impact can be seen throughout the world, Africans are protesting against the over-extraction of natural resources, United States has been protesting the outsourcing of their jobs by them unilaterally, the call for stronger labor law is coming out throughout the world against the exploitation of human resources by corporations.
Only 3 percentage of the people hailing from elites and corporate community has more than 90 percent of global wealth, there are many such corporations whose annual revenue is more than the GDP of a country, they even force the host country to mend its laws in their interest, in the process they undermine the democracy of such states. They involve in the serious corruption, they have strong backing from the elites which control the politics and create the lobby for them, and ultimately elites are also the equal beneficiary. In most of the nations, elites are either controlling the government or have the huge influence on it, elites and corporations have created a coalition not just inside the country but it has globalized outside the country. Democracy is under the greatest danger, and we have the government by the people, for the elites and corporations. The exploitation by elites and corporations has been airing the nationalist movement, and it is helping the far-right to emerge as a great power which could bring in more uncertainty and disruption. Globalization is under the greatest risk as most of the countries have been started to withdraw themselves.
Civil societies are working hard in the crisis-hit region, in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, and refugee hit region of Europe. They have a different goal in a different country, and they are fighting to protect the human right in war-hit Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya. The civil society is fighting against the corporations in Africa, United States, India, and Europe against the illegal land acquisition, to protect democratic values, to instantiate stronger labor law and against exploitation of natural resources.
The civil society is doing great work to protect the democracy and rights of the people, but it is confined to the particular country or states, they have failed to promote itself at global level, as a result they are being severely repressed and cracked down by the local authorities. They must organize to form a stronger global civil society, and it must be recognized and be protected by the global bodies like UN and others, sooner or later we need this to protect the world from the giant parasite (elites and bad capitalist) which is threatening the globalization and democracy.
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