Humans have created over 15000 atom bombs, can possibly explode earth 100 times.

The civilization is under the greatest threat, a threat of getting bombed, any mishaps, unwise decision of fanatic leader, a military aggression or one on one conflict could turn the only living planet into ashes, 9 nuclear states with over fifteen thousands of nuclear warhead, atom bombs or Hydrogen bombs have been risking the existence of the planet. Where ever you are living in, at military bases, important cities, research complexes, strategic location or a capital, you are exposed to direct nuclear attack and hundreds of missiles with an atomic bomb on the head are pointed towards you, and those who exist away will have the indirect and lethal impact. The disaster is approaching not just the nuclear states but it will equally impact the non-nuclear states.
I wonder what makes the world to produce such a huge number of mass of apocalypse, they have now the bomb which are hundreds of time stronger than it was used during world war II in Japan, every one of us are aware of the impact which could create such weapons, but we feel immense pride when our government or military announces that they have created a bomb which is stronger and lethal. The military or government, who produces those destructive weapons on the name of national security, has been posing huge risk to the planet and civilization, the country like Pakistan doesn’t require more than five nuclear warheads to deter Indian aggression, but it has around hundred atom bombs, United States has more than five thousand bombs for its national security, Laughable!
During world war, the world was needing thousands of aircraft and thousands of bomb to destroy a city, now it needs only a single aircraft and an atom bomb to turn the city into ashes for hundreds of year, this is how a nuclear technology have minimized the effort for destruction, the world was shocked after the nuclear attack on Japan by United States, the humanity learnt that how destructive an atom bomb could be, but it didn’t help the leadership to stop the madness, a race was started, a race to have more nuclear bombs in the bucket, shortly after a few years, United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France and China succeeded to become nuclear states.
Why do the more countries want to gain nuclear weapons? The reason is global insecurity, nationalism and hegemonic ambition, first few countries like US, Russia, UK, and France had huge hegemonic ambition after world war II, but they lost it to United States, China had created this out of fear due to global insecurity, India earned it to avoid the insecurity and to strengthen nationalism, Pakistan developed it to deter insecurity arising from the eastern border and to establish itself as a leader in the Islamic world, keeping in mind the hegemonic ambition.
The impact of nuclear war is a well-known fact, we must establish a robust mechanism to stop it and total voluntarily destroy of nuclear weapons, nuclear non-proliferation treaty must be put on the notice for its incompetence, we have no other way around to avoid the possible destruction of civilization.  
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