US unilateral sanctions against a sovereign country are illegal.

The world is heading towards a state of disruption which could prove to be detrimental for the current world order, it is now almost an absolute unipolar, American centric and imperialistic, where the United States is dictating the world with its own terms. United States imposes a unilateral sanction and declares a war against a sovereign state without taking UN approval. In most of the cases, the sanctions imposed by it are based on propaganda, fabrication, speculation and to serve American interest.
The United States has been imposing trade embargo, economic sanction and arms-related export control, Russia, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Somalia, Belarus, Iraq, some countries of Africa have been sanctioned on the basis of false flag of Human right violations, for undermining democratic values and by calling them a threat to US national security and foreign policy.
United States sanctions a state to serve its own purpose, they used to have their own vested interest, in case its hegemony or economic interest is being threatened. It sanctioned Russia for Crimea crisis in 2015, although it was a bilateral issue between Russia and Ukraine. The United States has been accusing Russia of meddling in 2016 general election, yet there is no such evidence, has been produced and all these are based on propaganda, US Congress has passed a bill to sanction Russian with new round of trade embargo, it has already been slapped with sanction on many individuals, politicians, diplomats, corporates and entities which has hugely impacted Russian export of petrochemical products and natural gas in western Europe.
It has even this time annoyed European Union, Germany had openly denounced new round sanctions which could impact EU energy sectors company to trade or deal with Russia, EU is concerned that it could reverse the progress of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in Baltic sea, and this is damn true that United States is searching a new market for its petro-chemical and natural gas, EU could be the one if it removes Russia from the scene. Germany which has the major stakes in the Nord Stream 2 project has been threatened United States with counter-retaliation.
Iran is being sanctioned for years to establish its sole hegemony in the Middle East, the rise of Iran has threatened the US allies, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Jordon, Bahrain, and to some extent Turkey. They are accusing Iran of Human right violation, in place United States and its allies are severely abusing it in Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen.
The economy of Cuba and Venezuela has been destroyed with rigorous US sanctions just because they have adopted the different political system and are against United States terms and conditions. Most of the African nations are sanctioned for abusing human right and undermining democratic values without any discussion in United Nations.
The unilateral sanctions by United States have no legality and it severely violates the international laws, only UN Security Council has the authority to impose any kind of embargoes or sanctions on the sovereign states, United States have been doing same mistakes from years without any opposition from allies or from within America. 
Every major economy in the world are heavily dependent on US for trade, technology, investment and security, United States is strong enough to take unilateral action on any country situated on any geography in the world, its allies have been always with them without any opposition for its wrong doing.       

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