India is not a vibrant democracy, has many flaws.

India is proud of its democracy, the representative is promoting it as a great democracy all around the world with at most pride, and they are celebrating its success and firm to promote democratic values in its vicinity and with friendly nations. Almost seventy years are gone but the dark side of Indian democracy is that it has even failed to fulfill the basic necessity of its citizens. Democratic institutions are still severely underperforming. Democracy is being miscalculated in India to promote devastation, unrest, disruption.
Democratic institutions are almost dead in India, parliament is dysfunctional, there are key legislation which is continuously getting delayed for its approval, parliamentarians are using this apolitical house for politics, they are non-serious in this decade especially, and they are going there to bring disruption, cracking jokes, passing foul comments and for get together. Judiciary is helpless and is begging for funds to the executive, it is going through serious financial crisis from years, delayed injustice and corruption in its hierarchy are frustrating for the people, a huge number of citizens even do not opt for justice they avoid going to court. Executives are facing the serious risk of corruption, scam, and irregularities, and India has one of the most corrupted bureaucracies in the world. Still, if you are calling India as a vibrant democracy then you are misleading or got misled.
Most of the people in India are unaware of the democratic values, they are miscalculating it, proletariats are politically illiterate due to lack of resources, and elites are educated and well aware. Elites are master in fabrication and distortion of democratic values, freedom of expression, speech, religion, so-called peaceful protest are the major tools for them, they mobilize and radicalize the poor and innocent people on the name of democracy and right to spread disruption in the country.
Unfair and failed politics in India have forced the huge population on the planet to live in a condition of devastation and discontent, almost seventy years are gone but the people have been living under unprecedented poverty, marginalization, depression, and pain. They lack even the basic necessity like food, shelter, electricity, hospitals, school, college, roads, etc. Politicians in India serves their own interest to rule instead to serve the marginalized, opposition in the democracy needs to be constructive enough to force the government to work for well-being, but in actual they are disruptive enough to oppose all good and bad deeds of government.
Civil society, media, and intellectuals are in great hurry to become successful and powerful to mend the democracy in their capacity, they used to speak in the tune of separatist, radical, anti-national, ultranationalist, etc to gain fame rapidly in a shortcut way, and they quickly become the member of some political camp.

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