America is searching sense in Donald Trump’s nonsense.

Donald Trump is rapidly destroying the American values, its alliance, global leadership and its interest around the world, he believes that he can win a trade war, he wants US military back home, he behaves like a supreme leader in front of allies, passing jokes on twitter, disregards and disrespects the heads of states, he insults even those who supposed to be his close associate, nevertheless his unorganized and uncertain decision might impact the American economy and its global geopolitical interest.
Donald Trump is so infamous in US close allies, but he is still famous in America, the trade war he is waging, can’t be win, the tariffs and the sanctions which he could use as a tool would have repercussions, there would be a retaliation from Europe, China, India, Russia, Japan, Canada, Mexico and many more, let’s be prepared, tariffs vs tariffs and sanctions vs sanctions. He has been trying to take America on the path of uncertainty and isolation, of course, there would a suffering, every country will suffer, however United States would suffer even more as it would initiate a war, trade war, nobody would be able to win it even not the United States, and it would be difficult to negotiate post-trade war for the United States. 
If American is believing his president is doing this purposefully and with great intention then it seems a great miscalculation by great people, what would make Donald Trump call military back home, many countries want this to happen, this will help the world to denounce the United States informal imperialism, America’s economic, political, trade and military hegemony would be destroyed next moment, American dollar would face uncertainty and could be undermining its long-term role in the international trade.
He is so uncertain, wants a summit, canceled, rescheduled, and then maybe next time, it seems he is preparing on the day of an exam, unprepared and wants the exam to be postponed. Trump’s disorganized thoughts and the way of dealing the allies are impossible to follow, the tariffs he wants to impose on steel and aluminum are illegal, the tariffs on German Automobile would have even more impact, thousands may lose jobs, the retaliation by the Chinese, Europeans, Canadians, etc would help in inflation for the commodities, which would directly impact the American families day to day life. Surprisingly, still, there is a very high acceptance rate for Donald Trump as a president.
His promise to bring back the manufacturing, more job creation and fight for the poor and middle-class Americans are winning the heart, they believe president Donald Trump would realize their aspiration and dream, he is a man of word, putting great effort to do it, but with no calculations and without thinking repercussions of his aggressive steps. He has been confronting with the whole world, it seems he doesn’t believe in constructive dialogue, it is true that many countries are doing unfair trade with the US, but the problems arising due to this could only be solved by renegotiation with partners.

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