Vladimir Putin’s smart wait and watch policy seems working.

The president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has been the strongest leader in the last few decades on the planet, his foreign policy and love for nation have no match, he never bowed down to the rival let it be European leaders or the United States, and he fought in the United Nations and in the battleground around the world against US-led coalition. Putin’s smart and aggressive foreign policy is now paying back to Russians, he made the strongest relation with China, managed to retain India in his bloc, although India has been trying to shift its policy in favor of United States. Russia maintained good relationships with all the nations in the Middle East, although they are US serious allies, and it managed to continue influence on the central Asian countries under Putin’s leadership.
Vladimir Putin has been keeping its military ready to protect its territory and the Russian interest around the planet, Russia has the strongest military and capability to deter every aggression of west, he had started widespread rebuilding military infrastructure in his first term of presidency, which helped Russia to strengthen its instance in the military hardware export to the allies. The US-led invasion of middle-east and Afghanistan had profoundly threatened the Russian interest in the Middle East and central Asia. NATO went a step ahead to bring in instability to the immediate Russian border by complicating bilateral Ukraine –Russia relation, and it has been putting immense effort to encircle Russia with its military presence in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, and Estonia.
US and EU trade embargo on Russia after 2014 Crimea crisis had adversely impacted its trade relationship with Europe, the trade volume went down to half, it was left isolated in the international forum and was removed from G8 nations, the leaders of west had no word of praise for the Russian president rather they had been continuously using words to disregard and disrespect. Recently we had seen the diplomatic crisis among Russia and EU nations, where more than 20 nations expelled the Russian diplomats by accusing it of Chemical attack in the United Kingdom, although Russia denied the allegation and requested them to wait for the investigation.
From last 18 years the president Putin and Russian has been eagerly waiting for its turn, but it seems the time has come for Russia, the leaders of European Union has started visiting Kremlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has visited Russia two times in a weak, France which delayed and canceled Russian president Putin visit last year, its president Emmanuel Macron visited Kremlin this month, the president of EU commission Junker has visited Russia and vows to do reconciliation of its relations.
The absurd behavior of US current administration led by Donald Trump for allies is giving an edge to Russia, US allies are very much concerned that the US could not be the reliable partner for them, in that case, they got to think of good relation with Russia.

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