Insecurity arising from United States rather Russian federation for Europe.

The relation among the United States and its allies in Europe is highly complicated, the predecessor of current US administration like Obama and Bush Administration were openly advocated for giving more weight on Asia and Africa, although they ignored Europe they never disrespected them.
But the current administration led by President Donald Trump went many steps ahead to disrespect the western allies as if they are America’s client states, he threatened NATO to increase its defense budget through non-diplomatic way, openly on air, he disregarded European values by supporting Brexit, nonetheless he has been waging a trade war and has threatened to impose unilateral tariff on Aluminum and Steel. Donald Trump has announced to end the historic nuclear deal with Iran, although the big three allies United Kingdom, France, and Germany have been supporting to stick with the deal, Trump is not considering even their concerns.
Western Europe has no reason to call Russia an enemy, the security threat perception has been created based on fabrication, it is not fighting any proxy on the planet, Ukraine crisis is a bilateral issue and was orchestrated by west to bring in instability near the Russian border, and at the same time if a conflict with Russia erupt, western Europe could protect itself with honor as they militarily strong enough to counter Russia.
The declining trade volume between Russia and EU has adversely impacted their economy, it was reaching US $300 billion trade between them in 2014 and in the last three years it has gone down to half, the adverse and illegal sanctions imposed by the US has forced EU nation to stay away from Russian business, European companies have lost billions of dollar in the last few years as they are barred to invest in Russian oil and gas industry. Russia has been supplying the cheapest natural gas and petroleum product throughout Europe, and EU has been paying a heavy price to replace it now.
The intention of United States has been to keep Russia away from Europe, a good EU-Russia relation could outrun US hegemony in the next moment, United States opens up its petroleum and natural gas export industry, they consider EU as the potential market, and the US is eager to replace Russian dependency in Europe.   
The fare relationship among the EU nations and Russia must be revived by their lawmakers to bring in prosperity and security in Europe, it could help eastern nations to accelerate its economy on the path of development, and on the other hand, it could help western Europe to promote its values of multilateralism, liberalization, and prosperity to all and could boost the confidence of western leaders in front of Trump led the United States.    
The United States is moving on the path of disruption rather construction, military conflict, trade war, invasion, disintegration, intervention, etc are on their card. The United States is successfully fooling the European lawmakers from years, and the Europeans are feeling the heat of the deeds of previous administration, their incapability has forced the current generation to live with frustration and clueless, they have trillions of dollar economy but have no independent defense system and diplomacy, and its diplomacy is completely tilted towards the United States.   

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