Donald Trump is the president of United States, unlike his predecessor.

The United States has chosen the president of his country in this term, Donald Trump’s dedication for his country and the people is unprecedented, his predecessors were viewed as the president of the world, and they were more dedicated to the world. Although Donald Trump has become the disruptor of the current world order in the process he vows to rebuild and reconstruct America. He could have lived a great life by continuing the tradition of his predecessors, there was no need for him to lead the confrontation against the allies and other nations, and he could have enjoyed the get-together parties in UN, G7, G20 and another international forum with friends. He is the greatest nationalist and patriot in the current world, his policy “America first” will definitely make “America great again”.
The win of Donald Trump in 2016 was the greatest surprise for everyone democrats in America and the people outside America, the growing economic and social discontent in US society had helped him to become the president, he raised the voice of victim and sufferer, the widening gap between elites and proletariat had already been putting the alarm on high, manufacturing jobs has been moving out of America which is leading to the unemployment, Islamophobia was another topic of discussion as the Islamic attack were exponentially increasing, Donald Trump used this to attract his nationalist vote share, he had advocated for the complete ban on Muslims entering America, the untapped Muslims immigration was posing serious threat, you believe or not most of the Islamic countries support the jihad against United States directly or indirectly. Arab nations have been the US allies but their footprint can be seen in 9/11 attack on world trade center, Pakistan, a US ally, was secretly hosting US dangerous enemy no-1 Osama-bin-laden.
He has been working hard 24*7 for America to bring back the economy on the path of development again, he has been already declared trade war with countries which are indulged in the unfair trade practice, United States has a trade deficit with every major economy, China, India, EU, ASEAN, etc, and he has warned them that either you remove the unfair tariffs or we will match you with the same amount. He threatened multinational corporations against the outsourcing of jobs outside the country, he warned to penalize them, as a result of it many companies had started hiring in America. The manufacturing industry is the most important column for an economy, it creates immovable jobs, allows research and development, many manufacturing companies have been closed their units in the last decade, most of them have moved out to either neighboring countries or China. Donald Trump vowed to force them to come back if they want business in the United States.
His America centric policy would benefit America, but at the same time he is being seen as a villain outside America, he has become “The Disruptor” among the globalist, they are not happy with his “America First” policy, trade war, climate change, and Israel-Palestine policy, but he doesn’t care about them, he only cares about the United States and his people.
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