Hindu nationalism not a threat, could bring prosperity before possible timeline.

More than 75 percent of the Indian populations are Hindus, they are the inhabitant of the region for thousands of years, and it holds a profoundly rich culture and civilization. Hindu is the most divided community in the world based on caste, region, language and regional culture which helped the Islamic invaders and western rulers to invade in India and establish their kingdom, the lack of nationalism among Hindus had left them to live under the devastation, cruelty, and inhumanity of outsiders. Hindus were living in a kingdom whose king was not from their society, non-religious, looter, and criminal, they were here to destroy the beautiful and the oldest civilization, and the people had no sovereignty on territory, economy and even on family, they were forced to live as the slave for centuries.
The rise of nationalism among Hindu had started in the 19th century which had been resulting into great revolution, they have got the full control of their territory, government and economy in the mid of 20th century, it had happened after at least 10 centuries of victimization and devastation, and now it is as strong as no invaders or emperor can dare to attack its territory.
Hindu nationalism had never been a threat to any other communities in India, Hindus have been liberal enough to accept co-existence, There are no examples in Indian history that any Hindu kingdom have slaughtered other communities based on religion, Muslims, Sikhs, Jainism and Buddhism have been existing, freely practicing their religion and working hard to bring in prosperity in the country from centuries.
The Hindu communities must understand security and prosperity of India and of every Indian are heavily dependent on them, Hindus need a new round of social revolution which can help them to get rid of social injustice like casteism, stereotype, prejudice, inequality, and poverty, the revolution based on nationalism could propel the people for hard work, to stay united, faith in the government, to eradicate corruption, crime, sanitation, etc. This could ultimately serve the national interest of prosperity, corruption free, peaceful society and ultimately a strong democracy. The prosperous Hindu communities would enhance the confidence of other communities too and they could also walk on the path of development.
There are individuals or organization which have been trying to take the Hindu nationalism towards extremism, but the society has been always denouncing any such attempt, whenever the discontent was spread in the society, the representatives from Hindu had been coming up to establish the peace among communities with constructive dialogue and had resolved dispute with mutual understanding that’s what the Indian and Hindus values teach. 
India is on the path of prosperity, we have a timeline, we could become the second largest economy in terms of GDP PPP in somewhere next decade, and it has the huge potential to become military, technology, cultural and economic superpower by 2050. The nationalism based on Hinduism could bring down the timeline for the entire above-mentioned events, and the country could grow with the fastest GDP growth rate in the history.
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