Pakistan is not a sovereign country anymore.

Pakistan is under the formal occupation of the IMF and China, they have lost the territorial and economic sovereignty at least, for now, the price of petroleum product, electricity and even the food product is being managed by IMF, and the government have no role instead serving the officials of IMF and Chinese authority.
Chinese incursion by means of a high-interest loan, helped Pakistan to go under severe economic crisis, China has maintained unprecedented hegemony in their economy due to the absence of any other global player, they are the only investor in the terror-affected nation, and Chinese investment ranges from garbage collection to aviation.
Chinese has taken great advantage in Pakistan due to absence of another investor, and they have established the unilateralism in Pakistan economy. In turn, whatever the wrong happening there China is solely responsible. Chinese intention was clear, they wanted a route to the Arabian sea for an alternative to the sea route through Malacca strait, they have been constructing a road in the middle of Pakistani territory which is bifurcating the country into two-part, they had promised for the employment and establishing the industry along the route, but it is now not viable route at all. China had constructed this route to use only in case of maritime blockade during the war to transit the petroleum product for their huge population.
Chinese road and belt CPEC (an ambitious project of Pakistan military) is violating the territorial integrity of Pakistan, they are unilaterally employing hundreds of thousand Chinese labor, they have their own ambition to create the route but it is being paid by Pakistan through very high interest rate loan. CPEC is great loot and embezzlement and has become a nightmare for the Pakistani authority.
Pakistan administration is in the hand of its military, they consider china as a great protector, Chinese regime defends Pak military wrong-doing in every international forum as its daily business, they even never shied away from defending the Masood Azhar, a Pakistani terrorist in the United Nations.  Pakistan has deployed thousands of military personnel to provide security for Chinese labor. Pakistan's army has played a very crucial role in the deteriorating its economy.
Pakistan is now under severe economic crisis, they have shout for the help from their friendly country, UAE, Saudi Arabia and China have come up with the plan for a bailout, but their money was not enough to bring the forex back to the position, it was even not sufficient for the import of the goods and services for the country. They went to IMF for a bailout package and agreed on the terms and conditions.
IMF has put serious and very severe condition to disburse the package, they have taken over the economy, they are deciding the inflation and deflation of the commodities price, they are controlling monetary and fiscal system, the prime minister of Pakistan is currently reporting to the IMF and not to the people of Pakistan.

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