International federalism could be the solution for absolute peace in the world.

Federalism is a great success, the United States, India, China, most of the European nations had adopted this for fair governance, the system is fair to all the community, ethnics, and to all people, it respects the culture, economy, ethnic value of the population, the state governments get more autonomy, they have more administrative power within the jurisdiction of the central government under the multi-states one nation theory.
The world must have a common government, under which all the nations can work as an autonomous state, this could fulfill the idea of complete integration and peace in the world, there will be no war, and nations will start working for the common goal of peace and security. International federalism could be the solution for the growing inequality, identity crisis, communal violence, unfair trade, bad competition and conspiracy against one another nation.
United Nations had been created to serve the purpose of international federalism but it failed because of the inter-competition among the nations, the major nations want their hegemony in the world, they have still the ambition of colonialism, imperialism, etc. P-5 nations (United States, Russia, France, China, United Kingdom), they are the real embracement to the United Nations, and they are the regular misuser and abuser of power of it.
The European Union is the great success at least in the western and middle Europe, the federalism among the nations are working there, this part of the world was the most volatile place, it was the war flashpoint, it was the epicenter of the world war. But the inter-nation federalism have helped Europe to stay in peace from the last 75 years, they have now the common the goal of prosperity and peace, the region is one of the most diverse places in the world, but they are united more than ever before.
Although the nationalism is growing in the region, which helped Brexit to happen, the colonial mentality is being revived in the British society by some of the fringe elements. Overall the federalism is doing great in the EU, they are resolving all the issues through dialogues, the economic benefits are being shared in proportion among the member nations. In the recent year, they faced serious refugee crisis due to instability in the Middle East and West Africa, which was excellently resolved by the member nations with dialogue.
The international federalism is the ideal condition of common government, army, economic goal, peace and security, which is almost impossible to achieve, in actual the effort had been made since a long time but it didn’t work. However, the effort must be renewed again to teach the people of this the world about its benefit, the message is easy to convey now.
The global federalist structure is already existing as the united nations, we got to put the pressure on the P-5 nations to bring in reform and stay away from the hegemonic ambition, otherwise we got to be ready to sink the planet. The war is coming, everyone is preparing for it, and it will be the last one.

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