Ridiculously superpowers and regional powers claimed their stakes in Syrian war.

Russian military intervention in Syria had not gone well with the western ally in 2015, they were started reaching to the Mediterranean with aircraft carrier and military equipment on the name of fighting ISIS in Syria, and they had accused the Syrian government of using chemical weapons against their own people and punished Syria with huge number of sanctions.
The humanity was being bombed every day, at least 10 countries/coalition were doing airstrikes in Syria at one point, the United States led coalition, Russia, Israel, and Turkey are the major countries which have been storming the Syrian military and civilian establishment, and as a result all kinds of infrastructure, road, rails, hospitals, schools, colleges have been demolished. The United States and its allies had started arming the rebels in Syria to fight against the Assad regime and ISIS, and supported them with their ground troops, and in the process, US had stationed over 2000 troops for consultation and training.
Iran along with Shia militia Hezbollah came to rescue President Bashar Al Assad, a Shia regime, their action was seen as an aggression by Sunni states Saudi Arabia and Turkey and they started supporting US-led coalition to unseat Assad. The growing influence of Iran in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon helped Israel to feel threatened, so it started airstrike in Syria to destroy Iranian and Hezbollah's bases, Israel air forces did at least 100 airstrikes. The US-led coalition has been supporting Kurds in eastern Syria and treats it as an ally, but Turkey treats Kurds as militant and started airstrike against them especially in Afrin. Turkey declared war on Kurds, and it started Operation Olive to free the Kurd’s held territory without taking any permission from the authorized government.
Meanwhile, throughout the event, Russia stays committed to defending President Assad, transferred military technology, and stationed anti-missile defense system S-400 to protect the Syrian air space which helped the US and its allies to stop a full-fledged invasion of Syria. Syrian government along with Russia have defeated ISIS in the country but there is huge territory, which is still being governed by Kurds and other rebels. The US does the airstrike to strengthen the position of rebels, they had attacked Syrian military bases sites in April 2017 and 2018, accusing Assad of a chemical attack against their own citizens.
The interventions by the Allies, Israel, and Turkey was illegal and illegitimate, and it breaches international laws as they were undermining the sovereignty of Syria and Syrian people. The accusation of a chemical attack by the Syrian government was never been proven, it is not yet clear whether it was done by government or by rebels, attacking Syria without proven investigation by the authority was reckless and irresponsible, it was not pointing towards the right intention of the United States and allies. The airstrikes by US, UK, and France did not even wait for an investigation by the UN designated agency, they went against the UN Security Council, and even they did not follow their own government’s code of conduct as they need approval from the Congress before attacking another country.
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