Dominance mentality of some nations have threatened global peace.

We are living in the most violent world, nations are trying to protect their people first,  they are keeping national interest on top priority, they are working hard to achieve their military, economic and political dominance. The globalization is being threatened, liberalism is being treated as a threat, right wings are proliferating across the world, and ultra-nationalism is on full display.
Politics of dominance has emerged as a new challenge for the current world order, every major country is claiming for their dominance either global dominance or regional, and they are imposing their own ideology to follow the countries around them. The mentality is creating serious arms race across the globe, there are many countries which are investing more resources in defense and military than the welfare of the people citing insecurity or threat emanating from the neighborhood. Previously, there was a race going on between Russia and the United States for global dominance, but the rise of China and to some extent India has threatened the de facto hegemony of the United States.
Although Russia stayed firmed in front of the strongest United States, but failed to challenge it far away from Europe and Central Asia due to its smaller economy and resources, but this time the United States hegemony is being threatened by the much bigger economy, the largest one by PPP and second largest by Nominal GDP, the People's Republic of China, has trillions in the foreign exchange, and has much more export than the United States, and more importantly this is not a democracy, it's a kind of different system which is least explored.
China has already toppled the United States in many areas, it is the largest investor in Asian Nations & South America, the largest exporter of goods and services to Europe, Asia and even in the United States, it has challenged US hegemony in all terms in economy across the globe, China only lags in the military superiority for which it has been diverting huge chunk of money in defense, Chinese has the second biggest defense budget touching around the US $ 300 billion.
Likewise, the race for regional dominance is creating another kind of mess across the globe, which is creating hostile rivalry, Turkey- Saudi Arabia- Iran wants its dominance in the Middle East and North Africa, UK-Germany-France are trying to claim its dominance in Europe, but they are least hostile to each other, India- Pakistan in South Asia, ASEAN in East Asia fights among themselves for dominance.
The race of dominance could result in the serious military conflict in the world, those countries are already either in the state of preparation of war or engaged in the proxy war. The Middle East, South China Sea, and India-Pakistan in South Asia are the major hotspot currently where the war could break out anytime.
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