Democracy is dancing on the tune of the military in Pakistan.

Pakistan, a beautiful country with great people, is under the greatest crisis where the citizens have been forced to live under the state of uncertainty and devastation by its military dictator, civilian government has almost no authority, military is so powerful that it runs every pillar of democracy, executive, legislation, judiciary, media, etc. Military greatly influences the election results, it helps in doing the strong vetting during the election by taking the help of judiciary and media factions, disqualification, sedition charges, terror allegation and fabricated corruption charges are the major tools. The general election is just a way to make fool the innocent people of Pakistan, their elected representative has no authority to create its independent foreign policy, the military is the biggest stakeholder while framing even the internal policy, and it has its own reservations over the financial and trade policy.
Democracy is dancing on the tune of generals and intelligence officers, military meddling in the general and assembly election are the biggest problem, the people of Pakistan don’t choose their prime minister, it is military which almost nominates the prime minister in the background. In 2018 general election, the military has already made its mind for Imran Khan as prime minister and is ensuring his victory, the opponents are either in jail or not being allowed for campaigning by citing security issue.
The widespread crackdown of journalists and media outlet are being done, although this is a pick time for them to get involved in the greatest fest of democracy, in place they are being heavily censored. The opponents of Imran Khan are even accusing the establishment of no media coverage of their campaign, media have been notified to downgrade their advertisement and coverage.
But it is good to see that this time military is facing the greatest challenge in the history of Pakistan, citizens are more vocal against their wrongdoing, and journalists are more united to denounce the military’s interference in the civilian government. Lawmakers have been continuously lodging complaint about their uneasiness working in the suffocating environment.
The military had tried to rescue itself very smartly, it has pushed loyal sectarian to fight the 25th July general election, sectarian gets privileged respect in the Islamic nations so as in Pakistan, they have no broader agenda and manifestations, and they are just inciting the people and narrating the glory of the failed and dictator military establishment.
People of Pakistan must denounce the military intervention in their civilian government, and they have to draw a red line and should bat for the fair and free election, where every party gets the equal freedom of expression, campaign, and coverage. Lawmakers should unite to make Pakistan a free nation, free from corrupt, interventionist and unprofessional military.
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