Donald Trump is in the mode of Confrontation instead of Dialogue.

The behavior of President Donald Trump is absurd and against the American values, he is taking people of United States towards isolation, discrimination, and dissociation, it will degrade American hegemony around the world, and will cause irreversible losses for it in trade and relations.
The trade relations with allies and non-allies will be profoundly affected as he is using confrontation instead of dialogue, and has been indicating several times that he is preparing for a widespread dangerous trade war, the war which could take the world towards protectionism, discord, differentiation, and degradation. The discontent among the US, allies, and non-allies have been threatening the globalization which was proceeding with the excellent pace, it could revoke nationalism all around the world, and it could result into dangerous military conflict. The world is now experiencing leadership vacuum, it might give the opportunity to the Chinese and Russian, and they are looking for it for years, if they succeed, it will severely damage democracy and liberalization for which the world has been putting immense effort. No one in the allies wants confrontation, they want proportionate negotiation for trade deal which is in the interest of the United States and allies, and unstable America is neither in the interest of allies nor for the world.
The hegemony of United States has been established using decades-long constructive dialogue and diplomacy around the world, the leadership of America was always giving respectful space for its allies, they were succeeding in the mutually accepted deal, the deal which has been bringing prosperity for the United States and allies. American multinationals exist in every corner of the world and earn billions of billion dollars, and they were being accepted because of great and cohesive American values, not because of American military might. People of America must understand the military of United States were defeated in a country like Vietnam and it has been fighting a never-ending war in Afghanistan against a terrorist group Taliban which has strength in just thousands, so war and conflict to put forward your narratives is not going to work at all.

Strong America is in the interest of the world because of its positive narrative which supports international security, prosperity, freedom, democracy, and faiths. The years-old deals must be renegotiated if it is unfair and harming American economy, US should initiate a constructive dialogue to address it instead of imposing a unilateral extra tariff, and for sure the allies and non-allies will never disagree with them. But the way Donald Trump is provoking them with threatening tweets and in public meet up, he is least interested in the dialogue, the white house was never been so straightforward and undiplomatic before, and as a result, the United States may lose its grip over the world. The uncertainty created by Donald Trump could take the world on uncertain path politically and in the economy, the chaotic environment can be seen in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, uncertainty is looming in the Korean peninsula and in the South China Sea.
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