Democracy is too expensive to afford, costs millions of lives.

Democracy is the best suited political system, and it has the potential to create an ideal global society,  although it contains many flaws and controversies. It can be easily miscalculated and disrupted, has many autonomous pillars, the disagreement among them are the major source of disruption at the time it turns into conflict country wise. The price of democracy is unbearable, millions of people are dead in the Middle East just to instantiate it, however, scarifies has eventually disappeared. The innocent people of Africa are another victim of democracy, and it has gone through years of arms conflict, protestation, and disruption which cost billions of billion dollar economic losses and scores of human loss. In both the cases, democracy ends up with the electoral system and left countries with great devastation and disruption. The maintenance of democracy itself is the biggest challenge for a nation, and it allocates immense and equal power to every individual having unequal mind and intellectuality. Democracy is being miscalculated all around the world by the individual, media house, political parties, judiciaries and even by the arms force on the name of freedom of expression, secularism, nationalism, etc.
Democracy is the most complex political system, and it needs a huge infrastructure to sustain. If someone looks into the world’s biggest democracy India, one can easily understand how the lack of enough resources could be fatal for it, the judiciary is under-performing due to the insufficient judge’s count and improper infrastructure. It provides equal space for every individual so it is their responsibility to understand it and practice it fairly. The society filled with illiteracy is not fit for democracy, and in such case, the space for authoritarian is always present there. There are many countries, the African nation, South Asian countries and Eastern Europe they are actually a democracy but the people are still being dictated by bureaucrats, local leaders, and parliamentarian, as the people are unaware of the system and responsibility.
Democracy can be easily disrupted and miscalculated by the individual, media houses, and the leaders, in the name of freedom of expression, they cross every limit in terms of it, in particular, media house is the major source of disruption in the current days, most of the media are biased, although media is one the important part of democracy they are not playing their part. Unchecked social media is adding new challenges to it, and it’s necessary to take up steps to sensor their malign activity by the governments. Advanced technology like data analytics, data-modeling, data-extraction, and big-data are being used by the political parties and leaders throughout the world to manipulate the mind of the electors, the win of Donald Trump and Brexit are such examples. The disruption creates chaos all around, it takes the shape of demonstration, protestation, rioting, looting and sometimes arm conflict, it happens even in the fair democracies like the United Kingdom, the US and other western countries, millions of million dollar financial losses take place due to vandalism and hundreds of people are getting killed every year in this process. The institutional failure in the democracy is another source of disruption, many times autonomy of different institutions get risked due to the ambitious leader at the center, Turkey is one of the victims of it, the work sphere is undefined in Pakistan which results in a periodic military coup. Recently the institutional failure can be seen in the Maldives where President is dictating his decision and misusing power to suffocate the judiciary and opposition.
The Arab spring was set up in the Middle East to establish a society filled with liberalism, multiculturalism, freedom, and secularism, but it followed the path of uncertainty and devastation, and hold up the entire Middle East in the midst of conflict and trouble, the innocent who had no idea of what is going on whether its dictatorship or democracy, were killed in the bombing, airstrike and arms conflict between two factions. The biggest question is who is accountable for the devastation? The question will go unanswered among the intellectuals but the victim will surely reply that it is the democracy. The society was far better than they are currently living in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, etc. If you listen to the tale of a deceased family in the Middle East and Africa, one can understand how costly a democracy could be. There is no option other than democracy, its true but was there any other way to establish a democracy in the Middle East and Africa? a question which must be introspected by the international community. The civil war in Syria which was calling for reform, turned into multi parties, one of the biggest arm conflict, the superpowers, and regional powers were got align in two groups, one were supporting the controversial Assad regime and another one fighting for the regime change. The conflict in Syria became an encashment source for arms industries based out at Russia, United States, and Western Europe, they were supplying arms and ammunition to kill the innocent, although they believe they are the protector of the world actually they are making the biggest mistake against the humanity. The sacrifices of the people who came forward to bring in reform are looking like ending up with decades of prolonged pain in the society, in some of the nations they were able to change the regime but it became merely an electoral system. Democracy in African nations is just an electoral system, it is being manipulated by the government in their favor, thousands are getting killed during the general elections in the inter parties arm conflict, riot, protest, and social crisis.

Democracy can bring in the heaven on the earth but the external military intervention has been creating hell on the earth, the west should understand, the call for democracy should come out within the people of suppressed kingdom or authoritarian countries, the meddling in the internal affairs and planning for instant throwing out the government to establish a democracy could not work as it has been seen in Syria, Iraq, other middle east and African nations. The peaceful democracy can’t be established militarily, it can only take place through the continuous dialogue between the head of the government and people’s representatives.


  1. सभी प्रकार की शासन व्यवस्था में केवल लोकतंत्र ही एक ऐसी व्यवस्था है जो लोगों को इतनी स्वतन्त्रता देती है। शायद यही कारण है कि आज पूरा विश्व इस व्यवस्था को अपने में समाहित कर रहा है।

    1. Correct, No other system exists better than this, but it is frustrating to see millions of people are being killed on the name of democracy in Middle East and African nations. Western interventions create more complications.


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