Capitalism is reason for success of Global Economy.

Capitalism is a symbol of economic freedom of a country, it has played an important role in the progress of globalization, and it has changed the face of the world particularly in the last 2 decades. It has been exponentially growing as the democracy is spreading on the more part of the world, liberal democracies are the ideal launch pad for it, and so as United States, UK, Germany, France, Japan, etc have the most number of the capitalist. Capitalism was going through lots of ups and downs in the 20th century, the philosophy of Karl Marx, called Marxism, whose implementation was communism, had taken the clean sweep to counter it across the world.
Capitalism emerged as the big player in the economy, and shortly it became one of the important undeclared pillars of the inclusive and liberal democracy. It was successfully used by the government for the economic expansion beyond the border, and the diplomacy which was political among the nations had taken the shape of trade diplomacy. Capitalism was marked by the large scale production, huge infrastructure building for business, a number of fold increments in the economic progress, invention and innovation, huge investment in the research and development projects and ultimately high life standards.
The global economy is now growing with the highest speed, the GDP is all-time high at US $ 75 trillion, and all credit goes to capitalism. The global GDP has doubled in the last 2 decades if you consider 4 decades it has increased 10 times, and it has been led by the emerging high tech companies. Private limited companies are the major employment creators, they are involved in garbage collections to the advanced technology inventions and implementations, and in some countries, it has concluded the government just to maintain law & order only.
Capitalism has brought the world closer, it has played an important role in the globalization, the world is now more inter-connected, integrated and interdependent, due to the growing trade and the advancement in areas of communication and transport. It has brought closer the privileged and underprivileged nations together, one has the surplus funds, technology and business infrastructures and others have the surplus human resources, raw materials and consumer for their goods and services. Capitalism has eradicated the differences based on the caste, religion, culture, nationality and color, and has also involved in the exchange of culture and moderating the religious belief.
Although, the full credit goes to the Capitalism for the fastest growing global economy but it has been accused of violating human values and its right. It is being accused of promoting wealth driven work environment and artificiality. The advancement of new technology and the replacement of human resource with the help of robotics, artificial intelligence and automation are the serious threat to the human race, and it might led to the moral degeneration of humanity.

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