The rise of Nationalism serious threat to International security.

Globalization was on the peak during the 1st decade of this century, and we were heading to create stable, inter-connected, inter-dependent and more secure global society. Leaders were committed to working on the agenda of internationalism, and they were working hard to create an atmosphere of an agreement. Climate change, terrorism, transnational technology sharing, culture and the formulation of the stable global economy were on the table for discussion. Transnational Corporation was proliferating across the globe to make the betterment of the society, but the rising nationalism has created the major roadblock in its progress. It has been spreading across the globe, but Europe and United States are being proved as the major disappointment for the world in this regards. They were leading the world in the direction of cohesive and sustainable world order, but they are on the verge of dissociation from it.
European Union is the economic bloc which is the best example of integration, inter-connection, association, and cohesiveness. It has brought together nations with different culture, language, religious faith, and economic interest to prevail prosperity and security. Europe was used to be the center of conflict and trouble, most of the war had emanated from there, and had led the world during industrial revolution which had actually changed the face of humanity. The rise of the economic might of Europe had led them towards unpleasant competition, dominance, and insecurity. War had erupted across Europe; nationalism had taken its position and experienced two world wars. Thereafter, they had started uniting and later become the greatest example of unity to the world, but nationalism has been revisiting Europe again, which is the major blow to the globalization. European Union has been the only organization which has been least biased and works on the humanitarian ground. The crisis in Europe is not affordable to the world; Brexit is the embarrassment for the EU’s integrity. The insecurity is looming in the atmosphere of EU which is arisen due to the administration’s shortcoming. The major issues are the economic slowdown and refugee crisis which has created the discord and mistrust among the nations, and it results that the nationalist leaders got its space in the society. Far-right and neo-Nazi have again started holding their legs in Europe; they are now becoming power center there, with going forward every federal election their vote shares are increasing. The biggest success of nationalist leaders is Brexit, Hungary’s general election and increasing their numbers in EU parliament. Far-right leaders are now major opposition in Austria, France, Germany, and Greece, and they are in a position to meddle parliament’s affair. The major economy in Europe is now going through profound economic depression, and the debt crisis and unemployment in Greece and Spain are the biggest setbacks. The reason behind the crisis is a miscalculation and could be solved but growing mistrust among nations has created chaotic situations.
Commentators believe that the real erosion of globalization has been started when United States elected President Donald Trump; he is a symbol of Nationalism in the world right now, and he is firm to defend American interest around the world. His initiative America First, Buy American & Higher American and denial of climate change agitated the mind of the international think tank. He is bullying American ally and friend, and even American Congress has a serious disagreement with him on most of the issues. The confrontational approach of United States has aired the nationalism, as a result, allies and foes are forced to increase their military expending. United States was leading the internationalism to create a prosperous and secure world. It was their initiative, the creation of United Nations, World Bank, IMF and all of them were made to achieve the goal of global peace and security. Nationalism in America is resulting into racism, communalism, and confrontation among left and far right. This has eroded American values of acceptability, global leadership, and integrity.
Acceptability of globalization in the Middle East and Africa is least, and they believe it’s an invasion by the transnational corporations, and think that it can undermine their religious faith, culture and ultimately national security. This fear of insecurity resulted in the belief, love, and devotion for their country or community, thus it helps to start armed conflict among the conservatives and liberals across the region. Nationalism took slowly the shape of ultra-nationalism which helped to spread extremism and terrorism. Hundreds of terrorist organizations have been created to defend their nationalist agenda, and they declare war against the West. This forced west to go for military intervention, led by United States and NATO. The decade-long conflicts have created the political and economic instability in mineral rich Africa and the Middle East. Instability in this region has become the global threat, as a result, millions of people have been killed and displaced which results in the refugee crisis in Europe.

Nationalism takes the world away from the multilateralism and pushes it towards conflict and war. There is some regime that uses it to achieve their detrimental goal, and they are trying to redefine the concept of globalization and using it to earn billions. China has been using debt trap and aggressive investment to expand its influence. Chinese regime looks like living in the era of imperialism, and they still want to expand its territory. Nationalism is also rooting in India after the 2014 general election in which right group achieved a decisive victory over center and leftist but it has been limited only to the cultural resistance. The impact of rising nationalism can be dreadful and apocalyptic. It might disintegrate EU and US might dissociate it from the international organizations which will create global leadership crisis. The world might be pushed into the prolonging and indefinite war which the world can’t afford because the next war will be fought with the nuclear warhead and advanced defense technology. 

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