Technology Taking Humanity towards a Dead End!

Technology and Humanity have been going parallel since the day of existence. Technology has built up our modern society to a level it was never before, and it has helped us greatly manage the modern framework of political, economic and security systems. It is the technology which has helped us to make this world more secure and peaceful. Every industry is getting advanced be it telecommunication, automobile, healthcare, aeronautics, space industries or defense. It has played an unprecedented role in the modern concept of Integration; the world is now more interconnected, integrated and cohesive. Technology has played important role in rooting the globalization thus making Humanity more prosperous and effortless.
At the same time, technology is posing a serious threat to the Humanity as well. Technology has been working as a boon for society creating nuclear reactor to lighten up and to solve the problem of energy deficit, but later the tool got manipulated and used to create the weapons of mass destruction. The world is now living under a poisonous and threatening cloud of the nuclear warhead. Close to 20 thousand nuclear warhead and sophisticated so-called defense equipment have been created to keep ready bombers aircraft to bomb the humanity! Any mishap can lead to a massive destruction and can spread the nuclear ashes in the mother Earth’s atmosphere.  Who knows if it might poison the whole universe! Now the humanity is more vulnerable than it was ever before. It’ll likely to bring massive disruption in the 3rd and 4th decade of this 21st century. This is a crucial time for the Humanity and every individual on the earth will feel the heat. It will disrupt democracy, society, economics, judiciary, executive, armed forces, industries and every individual.
We can neither stay away from technology nor avoid it; it has entered into our blood. So, we got to be prepared to stay with more vulnerability, with great insecurity on earth. At present only a few people have access to use these weapons of mass destruction but slowly it will be reachable to more individuals. It was technology which took us to fight two world wars and now the world is approaching nearer to the next world war. The war which will be fought with advanced technology and a great war plan. Many conflicts are going on at different locations of the Earth like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Korean peninsula and so on. These are showing great examples of Humanity deficit. Humanity is not fighting within anymore but with Technology, it possesses the greatest threat from it.  Humanity has collapsed in front of the technology when an unmanned technically advanced vehicle bombs the Syrian conflict zone, the humanity living there fails to give the befitting reply and not even can take the defensive majors to protect itself.
Humanity has great hope from the next generation technology; it believes to work in the atmosphere of the peaceful coalition. It doesn’t want a conflict. It’s already helpless with the cruelty of the technology and wants a major shift. But it fears, “Will that happen?” Commentators around the world have raised their concern which shows that the conflict is likely to prolong. Humanity will be disrupted in every field, be it politics, economics, securities and so on. Economic disruption is already a serious problem the world is facing currently. Unemployment has raised eyebrows of global agencies which is now not just a problem of a specific region or country. It has a direct link with the political instability and insecurity. Unemployment creates terrorism which threatens humanity. Technology is taking over the jobs of Human being. We are advancing the defense equipment to the next level each day, creating nuclear-capable aircraft carrier, submarines, ships, ballistic guided missile system, anti-missile defense system, etc. This equipment can attack humanity with great precision.
There are two kinds of people existing, one who advances the technology for the wellbeing of Humanity and other one advances it to hurt the humanity, both are getting awarded. If we avoid the technology it will make the world stagnant and Humanity will lose lots but if we stay with technology it might take the humanity towards probably the most dangerous irreversible dead end. If we look at the Korean peninsula ongoing conflict, the adventure of one guy can erupt a massive nuclear conflict which can potentially impact half of the population. The people of Japan and Korea are living under the greatest uncertainty and environment of insecurity. The reason behind this is the competition among the superpowers propelled by the technological superiority.
Some people say that technology has more advantages and a token of disadvantage is attached to it. If we enjoy the faster movement in the car we must be prepared to bear the mishap too! So do we prepare to bear the mishap which can destroy the earth’s atmosphere ultimately earth? We have already advanced the technology to a level which directly threatens it. We have already planted nuclear weapons at different locations on earth to blow it up to ashes. Who will protect the Humanity? International community created United Nations after World War2 to avoid any further conflict. UN is working tirelessly to assist the humanity to get away with poverty, inequality, discords, disparity, differentiation, and disobedience but it has failed miserably to protect the humanity from the threat of technology and the biggest truth is that the nations which are the most accountable are the biggest culprit. The permanent members of the UN security conceal United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France and China has the most number of weapons of mass destruction. They claim that they are responsible for the peace and security of the earth but it seems nobody is caring about the humanity. They are there to serve their own national interests.
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