Globalization is enough now, should not go beyond.

The globalization is not new to the world, the effort for it was made throughout human history, you can find the scholar throughout who used to advocate for it, cross border trade, cultural exchange, technology transfer, deals among the kings or heads of states were happening before the term came into existence. However, the evolution of rapid technology has redefined it, and is expanding at an unprecedented pace.
The globalization was at the peak when the world war started, the economy of the world was reaching new height each day, people were more interconnected, technology transfer was imminent, cultural exchange was habitable, the leaders around the world had the common goal of prosperity and security of the planet, the people were able to flow from one region to another region, and international trade was on the new high. But you must have realized what had happened thereafter, genocide, multinational war, destruction of global economy, the devastation killed more than 150 million people, the major cities were bombed with thousands of fighter jets, invasion and occupation occurred everywhere, the chaos which was created can be felt today also, the atom bomb detonated over Japan which killed tens of thousands of people, the radioactive impact experienced for years.
 We have been cherishing the success of globalization, but we must admit that the threat of globalization do exist, the disruption is coming, and the world is again preparing for the next war, we should admit and fear, thousands of stronger atom bomb implanted to suffocate the planet, the leaders are fueling the regionalism, populism, conservatism, racism, communalism, etc. We must be prepared for severe consequences.
The world is now a global village, which can’t exist for long, the new competition of hegemony is in inline, people are flowing from continent to continent so easily, local gets threatened from immigrant, they are risking losses of job, they even consider it as a cultural invasion, and fear about their own existence at their home. In some cases, their fear is right, but in most of the cases, they are framed and manufactured.
The fear of the people have something real, untapped immigration, corporate globalization, informal imperialism, and unfair trade, access of technology to few countries possess the threat to globalization, this could take the world on the path of disintegration and dissociation, and further competition for hegemony will lead to war and global clashes.
The time has come when the globalization is again reaching the new pick, where it must behold for some time to avoid the devastation which would be purely irreversible this time, we would not need thousands of fighter jet to attack a city unlike during first and second world war, one atom bomb would enough to destroy a country, and could destroy the earth's atmosphere. The drums of war already are being played in the major country, trillions of the dollar are being used for the defense budget to protect the border, but this time the protection will not work, where ever and whoever starts a war will impact everyone, the war is not going to be a traditional one.

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