Humanity is living under the greatest threat of technology manipulation.

Humanity has great hope from next-generation technology, It believes to work in the atmosphere of the peaceful coalition, doesn’t want a conflict, and is already helpless with the cruelty of the technology. It wants a major shift but it fears, “will that happen”? Scholars/commentators around the world have raised their concerns which show that the conflict is likely to prolong.
Technology is taking over the jobs of human being, unemployment is shoring up across the world, which is leading to social unjust, terrorism, extremism and radicalization are getting into society through unemployed youth.
People are being replaced by the machine in every sector, in turn unemployment has been raising the eyebrows of global agencies which is now not just the problem of the particular region or country, and impact is now global. It has a direct link with the political instability and the insecurity. We are advancing the defense equipment to the next level each day, we have created the nuclear-capable aircraft carrier, submarines, ships, the ballistic guided missile the system, anti-missile defense system, etc, and these are such equipment which can attack humanity with great precision.
Some of the people say the technology has more advantages and a token of disadvantage is attached to it. If we enjoy the faster movement in the car we must be prepared to bear the mishap too. So do we prepare to bear the mishap which can destroy the earth’s atmosphere ultimately earth? We have already advanced the technology which directly threatens it. We have already planted nuclear weapons at different locations on earth to blow it up to ash.
There are two kinds of people exist one who advances the technology for the wellbeing of humanity and another one advances it to hurt the humanity. Both of them are getting awarded. If we avoid the technology it will make the world stagnant and humanity will lose lots, but if we stay with the technology it might take humanity towards the probably the most dangerous irreversible dead end.
We had been looking at the Korean peninsula conflict, the adventure of one guy could have erupted a massive nuclear conflict which had the potential to impact half of the populations. The people of Japan and Korea were forced to live under the greatest uncertainty and the environment of insecurity, although the situation is under control for now but not fully deescalated. The reason behind this is the competition among the superpowers and is propelled by technology superiority.
Who will protect humanity? International community created the United Nations after world war-2 to avoid any further conflict. UN is working tirelessly to assist humanity to get away from poverty, inequality, discords, disparity, differentiation, and disobedience. But it has failed miserably to protect humanity from the threat of technology. And the biggest truth is that the nations which are the most accountable are the biggest culprit. The permanent members of the UN security council United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France, and China have the most number of weapons of mass destruction.
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