Elites/corporate have made the coalition to intervene into the democracy.

The world resources are now under the control of elites/capitalist, more than 70 percent of the global wealth is being controlled by them, they are influential, influence the decision making of the government, nevertheless they are molding society in their favor. In the advance world, it has even greater control, they play an important role in policy making, and influences foreign affairs.
A threatening pattern for democracy is evolving throughout the world, elites and capitalist are getting control over it, voices of proletariats are being suppressed, they are losing its sovereignty over government and the resources of the country, although the working class is existing as a majority in any country and plays an important role in democracy, but the government selected by them eventually starts serving the elites or capitalist.
They are putting huge effort to manage democracy by their muscles and money power, they fund the election campaign of the candidates with millions of million dollars, and they support the democracy to earn support for their own projects.
The candidates, who get more funds, are able to proceed for the election, and the one who has great intention to serve the people, lags behind in getting funds, are getting screened out, so one can understand who is responsible for the first level of screening, you can compare this to a strong vetting system of Iran by the Guardian council.
Elites and corporate have created a very strong coalition to undermine the democratic values inside the country and oversea, elites are the part of the government in most of the democracy, they create space for corporate using strong lobby, corporations fund them to stay in the system to fulfill their goal, and they serve their mutual benefits.
This is the important reason for a socialist uprising which is taking shape time to time in western democracy, people in Europe want their country back from the European Union which is greatly managed by elites and corporate, proletariats had voted for Brexit not the elite, the rise of Donald Trump was also such example.
Things are out of control, many democracies are the victim of the new forming coalition of elites and corporate. This is a serious concern for democracy, which should be raised globally, and must be addressed. 
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