Iran Inviting a war with West without calculating consequences.

Iran has no reason to flex its muscles against the west and its allies in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, its economy has been facing a serious crisis, and the army is not strong enough to confront western power equip with all kind of advanced military technology. The leadership of Iran is fooling the innocent people of the country, no power or friends will come to rescue them, they will leave citizens behind to get killed, this is not a right time for Iran to wage a war against the US-led coalition. The war is just a few steps away from the door of Iran, in actual it has been fighting an undeclared war against the west in Syria and Yemen, and the regime of Iran must introspect before imposing a detrimental war on the people.
Iran has been choosing a path of aggression instead of neutrality, the regime is trying hard to spread its influence in the gulf sea, Arabian peninsula, in the west into the Mediterranean through Lebanon and Iraq, its influence can be seen in Syria, it has maintained multiple military bases and has been supporting the Assad regime against the will of western allies, they have been fighting proxy against Saudi Arabia led coalition in Yemen, it is supporting a militant group which has been continuously targeting Saudi Arabia with missiles. Iran considers Israel an arch-rival in the region, it has been threatening a tiny and smart nation continues to turn them into ashes with missiles, it has been supporting  Lebanon based Shia militant Hezbollah to terrorize its northern border.
The Iranian aggression can’t be tolerated for long as a result if war breaks out, it could be apocalyptic one in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia led coalition has already been preparing for war against Shia arch-rival, and the United States-led coalition is not happy with Iranian warmongering and its controversial nuclear program.
Iran would need a multi-dimensional warfare to counter Israel from West, Saudi Arabia led coalition from west-south, US military and NATO from Afghanistan, in the Persian Gulf and from the Mediterranean.
The hunger for power and influence have been forcing the Iranian towards irreversible direction which could only end with destruction, devastation, and division, they are ready to go any extent to achieve nuclear might and to become regional superpower, however this could not be possible until US destroyer and bomber are present in the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean. Iran must reverse its position on the regional affairs to avoid despicable turn around to help prevailing peace in the region, and they must get along with western power and should dismantle its nuclear capability and long-range missile program.

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