It seems US informal imperialism taking over the world.

The world was freed away from the European’s formal imperialism post world war II, Asia and Africa were the greatest victims of their wrongdoing, they were forced to live under devastation of slavery, injustice, and disregard, and they had no control over their own resources, their sovereignty were breached, constitution was demolished, the governments were unseated militarily.
After a decade-long apocalyptic World War II which had to weaken the European power economically and militarily, this forced them to withdraw and free states of Asia and Africa, meanwhile United States was waging their own game and they were busy in framing new tools to give imperialism a new definition, it was informal imperialism, tools were United Nations, IMF, world bank, WTO, human right, allies, globalization, military and so on.
American allies are their close associates and strategic partner, North America, Western Europe, Arabian Peninsula countries, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Philippines are their allies who never go against their narratives, and support all of their propaganda based conspiracy. They are actually client states, they don’t have their own independent foreign policy, their security is completely dependent on the United States, and the US has great influence on even their trade policy. Recently world has seen two important event a diplomatic crisis due to alleged nerve agent attack of spy in the United Kingdom by Russia and alleged chemical attack by Assad regime in Syria, in both the cases allies were inefficiently and baselessly reacted, the Russian diplomats were expelled by at least 20 countries without waiting for an investigation, UK and France along with the United States claimed a humanitarian missiles attack on a sovereign country without matters being investigated. In this sense, allies are the real informal imperial states of the United States.
United Nations credibility has already been under negation, the sovereign country must not be intervened militarily without UNSC approval, but it was continuously disregarded by the US and other members, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Crimea, etc, were attacked without taking UN onboard. UN organs are being used by the US to extend its influence, UNSC and UNHRC are widely used tools to pressurize the sovereign states to mend their policy to serve US interest, and they used human right violation while intervention in the Middle East but in actual west was the real reason to spread the discontent which has been resulting into humanitarian crisis.
IMF, World Bank, and WTO are beneficial for the crisis-hit economy throughout the world, it helps them with consultation and fund, but they are working heavily under the influence of the United States.
Globalization is the most recent tool in informal imperialism, and they want to see the world as a global village with great cohesiveness, association, no differentiation and no dissociation. On the other, they are becoming more protectionist, racist and prejudice. This is being supported by capitalist, Hollywood and media houses. Capitalist are exploiting the resources unethically, they are invading their market and demolish their traditional industries, and in this process they earn billions.
The United States has the largest defense budget in the world, it stays top with the US $ 650 billion as defense budget, it has been maintaining more than 150 army bases throughout the world on the name of international security, it keeps ready its army in case of their interests are threatened. The United States secures the deals while keeping all the options on the table, human right, intervention in internal affairs, blockades, separatism, sovereignty, etc. 

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