United States could orchestrate disintegration of European Union.

European Union is the 70 years old economic alliance of 28 countries in Western Europe, it has given a new definition to the unity and co-existence, and it is the only kind of supranational body which is democratic. The success of European Union has taught lessons for the world to stay together, sustainability and prosperity could be brought in the process, now every nation in the world is part of some alliance, which has helped to eradicate the risk of conflict and is promoting constructive dialogue to resolve the disputes. EU is currently the most trusted organization in the world, and it is the only organization which works on the humanitarian ground, unlike United Nations where decision making is devastatingly affected by the politics and corrupt bureaucracy. In last decade, the growing influence of EU has embarrassed the United States, the brand of democracy and diplomacy its leaders have been promoting, have helped many nations to choose EU as a reliable partner, almost every organization in the world has provided it an observer status. There have been many lawmakers in Washington who have been strongly supporting its disintegration behind the scene, Brexit was actively supported by some leaders including president nominee Donald Trump in 2016. United States could go for weakening EU to safeguard its global interest and hegemony in near future.
The approach of United States to address the global challenges has been entirely different which has help EU to gain some mileage, it has gone more impolite in the last few decades, it has been more unilateral and one sided, it has been imposing its decision rather a constructive dialogue, and as a result of this its credibility is under scanner among allies and non-allies. The United States keeps military intervention and sanctions on the table while dialogue, it tries to mend the deal in its favor using fear of war, thus the most of deal become dispute and conflict. The United States puts national interest on priority while dealing with nations, it has been becoming a party in every conflict in the world, its support for allies is used to be unconditional and unethical, it has been threatening North Korea on behalf of South Korea, although the conflict is bilateral. It has kept ready thirty thousand strong armies, to cross the border anytime in the Korean peninsula, on the other hand, United States has been urging for dialogue and neutralization. The United States claims that it has been responsible for peace and security of the world, but in reality it becomes party in every conflict, it calls for peace, at the same time it does billions of dollar defense deal with those nation to sale sophisticated mass of destruction, the growing tension in Middle East between arch-rival Saudi Arabia and Iran has invited United States to make defense deal of over US $ 250 billion.
The administration of United States is still living in an era of dominance and hegemony, it believes more in conflict, confrontation and protectionism, and it does not adhere the compliance of the most of the child organization of United Nations. It has prompted huge concerns among the nations, it helped the European Union to play its role beyond Europe, liberal and democratic organizational structure has helped other nations to believe in.  It has been developing robust external affairs and defense relations with almost all nations, it has established diplomatic mission throughout the world, and it represents itself in United Nations, G20, G7, ASEAN, African Union, South African nations union, etc. European Union stresses on dialogue rather conflict unlike the United States, It has played important role in breaking most of the peace deal in the world, Germany, UK, and France were leading EU leaders while making a nuclear deal with Iran along with other powers.
The growing influence of EU is spreading a sense of insecurity in the United States, they believe it could challenge its global hegemony and dominance in the long run, EU is now the second largest economy next to the US with GDP US $ 17 trillion, an established economic superpower. EU nations are now taking their own stance on many global issues, it firmly supported climate change which the president of United States denied, EU supports Iranian Nuclear deal against the wish of Washington, it does not support president Trump on Israel-Palestinians disputes, nations of EU voted against the United States in UN general assembly to support the Palestinians cause last year. The president Donald trump blunt behavior has further deteriorated EU-US relation, he has publicly accused leaders of EU for refugee crisis and held them responsible, he supports right wings leaders they are now one of the major challenges for its security and integrity, he had been openly supporting the right-wing campaign for Brexit during 2016. Brexit was a blow to the EU’s integrity and sovereignty, some of the US lawmakers were actively participating in the campaign, leaders of EU had seen this as a provocation and lodge strong opposition to the United States at that time, even some of them go on saying that they might support Calxit, exit of California from the United States.  The discontent is spreading in Europe, the trust deficit is growing on each day, and the current administration of US is in the mode of embracement. The defense of EU has been heavily depending on the United States, so it is difficult for them to take any unilateral action against it.
Although the disintegration of the European Union would take the world on uncertain and serious painful path, still the United States could support for it to stay as a sole superpower for the long run. European Union has already initiated offensive major against United States deeds, it has already been communicated to them that it should not be taken as guaranteed on many occasion, and EU can’t be the part of undemocratic and unlawful decision of United States. The growing disagreement and discontent in the relationship of EU-US would only deteriorate the global peace and security. The United States smartly kept Russia away from European Union, they are calling Russian federation as security threat based on propaganda, so that the US can keep on strengthening its grip and can dictate its policies in Europe and beyond. EU-Russia good relation could have outrun United States global power sphere.

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