The regime of Donald Trump Taught lessons to allies.

It took decades-long huge diplomatic effort for United States to make ally around the world, billions of billions dollar were invested to strengthen the relationship with the nations, it helped United States to become a sole superpower on the planet, but the allies are now threatened due to the blunt behavior of current president. The deterioration of the relationship, growing mistrust, and disagreement on the global event could limit the power sphere of United States which could be detrimental for its Dominance, and it will hugely impact the deployment of US military might and economic globalization. The dramatic election campaign and war of words by Donald Trump were threatening for US allies, it worried them because he was making a fatal and ruthless comment against them, and he accused them of lesser military expense, trade imbalance, and unfair military & economic agreements. The landslide victory of Donald Trump in the 2016 general election and being firm and committed to fulfilling its campaign promise, had a further complicated relationship. However, his victory should not be counted as the distortion of American democracy, the people had voted him for economic discontent in the American society which he was outspoken during the campaign, and his concerns should also be addressed by US allies.
The weak US and its allies are not in the interest of global security, it can halt the peacekeeping across the world, they are the major contributor when it comes to the fight against terrorism, eradicating poverty, climate change treaty and ultimately globalization, their contribution can’t be denied for global economic prosperity, science & technology, and global peace. They are the major financial contributor to the organizations like United Nations, IMF, World Bank, EU’ peace missions, etc. The US-led coalition has been helping the countries to bring in the political and economic reform which support civic freedom, they help them with consultations and financial aid. They have been engaging in the major military intervention in the Middle East, Africa, and Afghanistan. The increasing mistrust and disagreement among the allies could halt the peace process and could degrade the global institutions. NATO is the largest 28 countries military alliance in the world, it has US $ 900 billion annual budget, the United States alone contributes around US $650 billion as a major contributor, and this irritated the presidential nominee of 2016 US general election. Donald Trump lambasted NATO member’s head of states for not contributing enough on the defense in a different forum and meet, it disappointed them and felt helplessness, as a result, there is some member who has announced increment in the military spending. His unilateral take on of the member states had resulted into the diplomatic rows, they just politely protested. The disagreement among the NATO member could derail the peace process in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and African nations, which is already facing a sense of crisis due to disagreement on different issues with Turkey.   
Donald Trump disregarded one and everyone in the allies for taking advantage over United States for paying nothing. He openly criticized Canada for improper trade agreements and threatened its immediate neighbor Mexico erecting a wall across its border. He asked Japan and South Korea to have its own nuclear weapons to protect itself from North Korea threat. He had withdrawn United States from Paris Climate Change agreement, the decision was outrageous and criticized by allies, and he affiliated his statement that he doesn’t believe in climate change. He scraped NAFTA meant for North America free trade agreement among USA, Canada, and Mexico, citing the unfair and improper agreement, and he is pushing them for renegotiation which the people of Canada and Mexico believe an act of humiliation. Iran nuclear deal was another setback and awkwardness for the allies in Europe, the deal was negotiated to deal with Iran Nuclear Aspiration between Iran and UN security council members & Germany, the US previous administration called it a historic and great breakthrough, but Donald Trump unilaterally threatened Iran to withdraw United States from the deal and imposed sanction over Iran for Nuclear program. The US key allies in Europe, United Kingdom, France and Germany conveyed their displeasure to the president and requested him to rethink. The biggest clash took place in UN general assembly in Dec 2017, US closest key allies were voted in support of resolution which condemned the US decision to move Israeli capital to Jerusalem, as a result, its ambassador in UN openly said the member nations which voted against them will be punished including allies and announced US $ 285 million cut for UN budget.
The regime of Donald Trump has forced its ally to rethink and recalibrate their relationship with United States. They are also reviewing their policy and relationship with Russia, as a result, many heads of state and the high-level delegation of US allies were visited Moscow in 2017. The allies are now increasing their military expenses for self-defense and self-reliance in the absence of United States, Japan is revisiting its policy of military buildup, and European Union has also started modernizing their military so that they can take on their enemy without United States. The approach of confrontation with ally would be detrimental for United States foreign policy and its economy in long run. United State is a superpower because it has the strong allies, they understand it, the president is now looking more calculative, he visited Japan and South Korea and vowed to take on North Korean aggression, and he is pushing for re-negotiation of Iran’s nuclear deal instead of its dissolution.   

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