China is expanding one-party rule kingdom beyond the border.

China is expanding its influence beyond its border in Asia, Africa and South America using its cash, debt, military, bad trade deal, and OBOR, the establishment is expansionist, undemocratic, and have no respect for international laws. they hugely aspire to global dominance.
Using OBOR Chinese will get access of Europe, central Asia, Africa, South Asia, East Asia and Moscow, they claim the initiative would connect major cities with Silk Road and sea route, but most of the sea routes already exist and are open for trade from decades, whole Europe is well-connected by land and sea.
It is a well-known fact that land route is not viable for trade at all, It works only during emergency, China is secretly developing OBOR for strategic reason, if Malacca strait gets block due to possible South China Sea conflict, Chinese will have access to the Middle East using CPEC, China is heavily dependent on the Middle East for energy, so CPEC will rescue them, which passes through Pakistan by undermining Indian territorial sovereignty. Likewise, if Suez Canal which hosts US $8 trillion trade a year gets block due to unrest in the volatile Middle East, then they will have access to the Mediterranean Sea using road route connecting China-Central Asia- Turkey. Thus, one can understand how OBOR is promoting global trade. China has already deployed nuclear submarines, ships destroyer and heavily armed patrolling ships under this initiative, and they are establishing a kind of hegemony in the international water (South Pacific and the Indian Ocean). What makes China to sail nuclear submarines into the Arabian Sea?
Chinese debt is already hurting some of the South and east nations, Sri Lanka is going through the deep economic crisis, it has borrowed billions of dollars for rebuilding domestic infrastructure after civil war, it's national debt is around US$64 billion out of which US$8 billion is to China, and interest rate on soft loan offered by China was 6 percent though World Bank and Asian development bank offer 0.25-3 percent during same period. Sri Lanka is now unable to pay off its debt to China, the government has now agreed to convert the debts into equity. Likewise, China is now forcing Bangladesh to convert the soft loan into commercial credit with the higher interest rate, Bangladesh has signed US $25 billion deals for multiple projects. China is investing US $ 54 billion in China-Pakistan-Economic-Corridor (CPEC), scholars are raising their concerns as Pakistan is already a faltering economy, likely to fall under Chinese debt burden. Likewise, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia are also the victims of Chinese debt. 
This is how China is trying to expand One-Party-Ruled-Kingdom beyond its border on the name of globalization and trade, the debt trap and subsequent deal help China to acquire a strategic asset in those nations, military base, space station, port, and airport, etc, this helps China to achieve undeclared imperialism. Chinese dominance will have a huge impact, it will be worst, will destabilize the stable democratic nations, it will have a negative impact on African economy in long run, and debt burden will directly impact the decision-making of lawmakers of such countries. These nations which are already faltering economy will face severe economic depression,  consequently, violence and protest will erupt, and people are already protesting in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Gilgit Baltistan and Baluchistan. 
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